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Amidst retention, employer branding, big data, maintaining talent pipeline, making excellent on boarding experience, there is another challenge the recruiters have to fight with. The BUDGET!


The 4th common challenge that recruiters are facing today is the budget which doesn’t match with the changing recruiting trends. No doubt, budget as well as hiring volume has increased over the past years, however, the gap is still wide. In such a situation, how can recruiters or head hunters beat the challenge and mark an impression of their organization? Well, there is just one way, to enhance the efficiency level.

Let’s find out!

Be A Part Of Industry Meetups:

There are industry meetups and events for recruiters as well as candidates. There are prospects you might need to bring onboard. No, they are not necessarily looking for change but they are not closed too. They might be interested in knowing about your company, so why not grab this opportunity?

Building such connections even enhances the volume of referrals.


Curb The Power Of Social Media

Social media-it needs no introduction. Every recruiter is completely familiar with what social media can do in terms of branding, sourcing, and retention. But how many of you are actually utilizing it? You might say everyone, but there are only 50% who are doing it correctly.

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It is important to identify the platform first. According to a study, 83% of recruiters are on LinkedIn, however 89% of job seekers are on Facebook.

I am not suggesting you to forget about LinkedIn and focus on Facebook, but I would suggest you to be active on every platform. Prepare the LinkedIn accounts for the prospects who will be soon shifting to recruiters to find a job, and work of Facebook strategy too for the passive as well as active prospects.

Do not forget to actively contribute in the groups. Analyze the discussion threads that candidates like to be a part of and create your strategy accordingly.


Personalized Connections With Every Candidate

Even if you are cold pitching any candidate, I would suggest you to maintain a personal touch. After all who loves to respond cold questions? So AVOID COLD PITCHING. You need to initiate qualitative conversation especially when it relates to recruiting.

Also, do not hesitate to build connections with passive candidates. You never know when you may have them onboard. Check this infographics before you connect with them.

Try implementing these tips until unless you get the budget to match your recruiting goals. Good luck.

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