Stress is a killer! Yes, this statement should be printed as a statutory warning on every employee’s ID, re-emphasizing the fact that occupational stress is a hazard that needs to be addressed immediately, mutually. It is a costly disease that is eating the roots of organizational happiness and quotient. It is not just the employees are complaining, but the employers are also not supporting the idea of workplace stress. Sadly though, little is being done about it.

stress is a killer

The only consolation here is that you are not alone in your fight against workplace stress. A survey carried out by CareerBuilder India highlights that 56% of the survey respondents ‘feel like bunking office at least two days in a week.’

Below are the HIGHLIGHTS of the survey titled “Workplace Stress Are You Headed to a Burnout”:

Technique used: Primary Search through Written Questionnaire
Research Medium: Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Target Audience: Working People, 18-y-o and above
Reach/Respondents that the Survey Got: 131

Key Findings of the Survey

The survey that was held for a week got 131 respondents who were introduced to simple, random questions for conducting a basic diagnosis of the stress-levels that people face at work, or because of it. The results, as expected, were skewed towards the majority exhibiting at least minor-stress related symptoms. The survey was also aimed at concluding the percentage of participants suffering from chronic stress, which was exhibited by 5 % of those who were surveyed. Two major survey findings mentioned below, were facts that emphasize on the aforementioned statement.
1. 56% of the respondents covered said that they feel like bunking office every two days in a week
2. 58% per cent have weird appetite, which is a key symptom of being stressed

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Why the Working Population is Falling Prey to Stress

While a professional life has been a part and parcel of every human being’s lifestyle since time immemorial, the working population has recently started feeling the symptoms of a burn-out. There is, however, more than one reason why people are fatigued, tired, bored, exhausted and completely stressed at work. Small things like working overtime, working on weekends, demanding deadlines, lack of physical exercise, social inactiveness – these are some of the reasons why people feel constantly under pressure.

Altered Behaviour

Workplace stress has definitely altered the way of life of many people. Nothing remains as it was, a decade or so ago. This does not go to say that there was no stress in the times gone by; however, the reasons then were different, and so were the priorities of the people. Owing to occupational stress, the surveyed population agreed to having exhibited an altered behavioural pattern including symptoms like:

1. Abnormal eating habits
2. Excessive sleepiness and finding it difficult to wake up in the morning
3. Unwillingness to go to office
4. Inability to concentrate while reading a book


While the economy has definitely improved, the competition in the working environment is getting more and more fierce day by day. The inability to create a work-life balance is at the core of occupational stress, a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

P.S.: The survey held was exclusive of gender division, therefore the percentage of males and females who participated in the survey cannot be established. This was done to keep variables to the bare minimum so that we could arrive at appropriate results for the survey.

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