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Startup ecosystem- a legendry revolution in the history has certainly transformed the way markets are working today in the country. The evolution has caught the eye balls of thousands of investors who come up with a new story, from Flipkart to Dine Out, every now and then. Today, the land of startups holds more promises for job-seeking candidates and unquestionably it has worked on the root procedure to bring a mass pool of aspirants on board.

In similar discussions with Mr. Micky Chopra, the Director  & Co-Founder- Talent Acquisition, Taction Talent Pvt Ltd, Noida, we at CareerBuilder were delighted to have been acquainted with his words of wisdom, which we have presented right underneath.

 Excerpts of the discussion with Mr. Micky Chopra, Taction Talent Pvt Ltd   

startup hiring
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“Very recently, I attended an orientation program of a management institute and interacted with HR aspirants and enthusiasts. I must say most of them were geared up and had a very realistic mindset about the challenges that lie ahead in the corporate world. Though we talked about Technology, Engagement, Compensation practicalities, there was one enthusiast who stood up and asked a very interesting yet critical aspect of HR i.e. hiring:

If given a chance, should I take up the role of Hiring Executive for a start-up? How different is it from hiring for the brand itself?

He looked stressed rather confused and didn’t know what to say because he had two job offers, one from a growing brand  and the other, from a technology start-up.

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 I patiently listened to him and enquired.

 “If a start-up does influence or inspire a brand (policies, marketing, branding etc), do you still categorize it as start-up?” and what comes next was plenty of Ohh’s and Ahaa’s.

 At the early stages of any start-up, due to lack of processes, policies, and practices there is always a challenge to structure things to be more productive, efficient and effectively manage business goals. Though in a Start-up, what stands out is the level of collaboration (that exists) between the various groups/departments.

 Hence for a startup, it becomes even more critical to hire the right people. Poor hiring decisions (in a startup) or delayed hiring can cost you a BOMB.

 Is there a way out? We can though argue and deliberate on many parameters, here is list of critical focus points to be considered:

 1. The Startup Mindset – as HR, delivering the right intent of the organization goals is a must. Every known brand starts as a startup and your organization is no exception. Hence it is utmost required that we understand the aspects of the organization that stands out and deliver the right pitch to the job aspirants.

 2. Create a Personalized/Brand Experience – every job aspirant could eventually turn up as the brand ambassador of your organization. Hence it is critical to create happy experience for him/her. As startup you cannot lose an opportunity to transform job aspirants into brand ambassadors.

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 3. Don’t Hire the Best Fit, look for Right Fit – perhaps the biggest mistake we do in startup hiring is to hire (or look to hire) the best resource possible, while ignoring many parameters and eventually end up losing time, effort, money …  It is critical to understand the business need and look for every opportunity to transform the talent available to the best fit possible (while hiring at the first place).

4. Hire for Opportunity not Challenges – challenges and opportunities are opposite sides of the same coin. Though challenges cannot be ignored, it is critical for startup hiring managers, be intentful to discuss the opportunities available to the job aspirants in detail. There should be a focused approach towards hiring for long term benefits, while ignoring short term fixes.

5. Know Your Best Source – startup hiring is not only about hiring the right fit, but more importantly hiring at the right time. Hence it is required to know your business needs, competitors and prospect individuals. Identifying at the right time is utmost critical for startup hiring.

6. Customized Interview Process –what works well for one organization may not necessarily, work right for the other, and do not blindly copy the interview process of any organization to deliver the right results for you. Customized your interview process in a way that is effective for your business need to better ROI.

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Author Micky Chopra
Director  & Co-Founder- Talent Acquisition, Taction Talent Pvt Ltd, Noida

 Micky Chopra is a Strategic Thinker and Passionate People Leader having Experience in Organisation Strategic Planning, Practicing, Directing, Transforming various Human Capital Management Initiatives. He comes with Diversified Experience in People Relationship, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Change Management, Organization Development, Engagement & Communication. Micky has been instrumental in developing Innovative HR Initiatives to streamline various HR Processes and capitalize on Organizational Growth opportunities.

 Hope you liked reading the HR blogger’s point of view on startup hiring. Please feel free to share your valuable thoughts with us.

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