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In 21st century when almost every organization needs a manager to handle its workforce, multiple managers in the same organization make the team-handling, multiple-tasking, output generation process even smoother. However, the traits to efficiently manage the team’s work, handle administrative issues, and tasks associated with information and technology, cannot be honed other than by taking up a specialized course in Information Technology.

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This calls for MBA in IT or Systems/Management, the degree course that has evolved with the huge demand in the IT industry. Graduates arriving for interviews after an MBA IT are already experts in administrative skills, management skills and IT skills, which are required in almost every business.

All that becomes a pre-requisite for candidates to undertake MBA in IT or Systems Management is either a Computer or Software Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Applications or Bachelor of Science in IT. Going forward, considering the heavy growth of MBA in IT, recruiters are always in hunt for candidates who have an IT background to support their MBA degrees to whom they can offer alluring packages.

“The scope is vast for candidates who have opted for this stream,” says Premlesh Machama, at CareerBuilder.

So, if we talk about the average pay scale of MBA IT candidates, for freshers it is usually 7-8 lakh per annum and can go up to 20-25 lakh per annum for experienced candidates. While, it largely depends on the size of the organization how much it can afford to pay to freshers or experienced, packages of candidates acquiring MBA degrees from top schools such as IIM (Indian Institute of Management-all campuses), MDI (Management Development Institute) and similar are certainly higher in numbers than normal graduates.

With an added advantage of getting to work with IT MNC’s, MBA IT candidates must not overlook their degrees or talent when their dream job is not approaching them. It is never too late for a Masters in Business Application (Information Technology) candidate to crack the best organization in the industry.

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