Leaders and managers in an organization can literally make or break the team, they are at the perfect spot to drive growth and make their team work in fine coordination. Having the reins of the project in their hands, managers or team leaders are usually at the helm of getting work done, keeping the deadlines intact and in the end making it sound like a fairytale for all her team people.

However, the problem arises when one employee who defines the word ‘ordinary’ stands there as a hassle for everybody else, the de-motivator, the wall. Giving a blistering overall review of his/her performance to them would not change a thing about their behavior. While the below listed things might-

What Actually Matters To Them
The average worker is just average because maybe he is saving his energies for things he/ she loves. Maybe they are too into their family and just can’t fit in the office environment, they might find their work not for them and hence, find no impetus to work above and beyond their capabilities or maybe just push them a little harder.
The point of the matter being they could be invested in other things which might be of far higher importance to them than what they are currently doing. Understanding such needs is important for the manager. You could possible provide them with opportunities they are great or even if you can’t; they would efficiently on the aspect that you understand where they come from.

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Blame Game
Look for blame game antics in your team, because that really takes the enthusiasm away from the project. One team member may blame the average employee of not working hard enough, not pulling his weight and just sitting on everything while the others put in more than their share to see the project shining. However, such blaming should be curbed- one because it does not produce a healthy atmosphere and two it just does not give an overall picture. All it does is finger-pointing towards the person in question.

It could also be that the average employee is the most trusted, longest serving employee. It could also be that he/she can be counted on reliability if not anything else. Such things don’t stand out when team members are expressing their credibility in the project. The mere being of the average employee makes the whole team very stable, which more times than not goes unnoticed.

Average Is Nice
If you look at it, average does not mean anything disappointing. It means that work is going on at a steady speed; there are nothing wrong with being average. However, companies are always on the run for expansion, for wanting more and this misspells average putting it in a negative light.
The stress should always be more on experiencing than conquering everything with the sharp-edged sword.

Trying to do everything that comes your way in the swiftest of manner just makes the whole experience of it vanish. To enjoy what you do and do at a speed which is good with everybody in the team is the best way to go about the task at hand. This does not make you under-ambitious, but keeps you rolling at nature pace.

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