Work Stress

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I have finished all my tasks but I am uncertain how the results would turn out. I do not know how should I maintain my composure when a challenging situation arises, I feel I am too much occupied by my personal problems, which are pulling off my creativity and productivity.

Be it happiness or work stress, the mental state is not the consequence of any external factors. It only remains a mental state. So, when your anxiety levels are shooting up like never before and your depressed mental state is affecting your work productivity that is the point at which you need to take a stand and take control of your mind.

Say No to Work Stress, Welcome Spirituality at Work

Sounds strange, crazy and informal?

Work Stress
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Being spiritual means connecting yourself with your soul, which is also the divine power within ourselves. How can you bring spirituality at workplace?

Blend Discipline with Focus

No achievements are ever made without a focused mindset. A mind that has a goal never loses out its focus regardless of any external factors, whatever they may be. As Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita says, “When you find your goal to be moving away, don’t change your goal, change your strategy.” Apply this advice as a thumb rule into your daily working life. There will be times when you will feel yourself let down, unmotivated, unappreciated. Do not consider yourself as a loser. Instead, by bringing discipline to your focus, fight with every negative emotion and situation coming your way like a warrior who never accepts failures. When you know your goal, and follow it in a disciplined manner, nobody can snatch your creativity, which would be coming out straight from your focused mind.

Good Morale

Workplace is the second home of employees who come from different cultures, backgrounds and also incorporate diverse natures and behaviours, which are hard to change. You don’t know them, but you know yourself. Believe in that. Self-belief becomes a magical tool when you need to face diverse people whom you may or may not like at workplace, some of them could be jealous, some may want to bully you, or some simply might be trying to take your kindness for granted. When you know you can’t change the world, all you can do is, maintain a good morale and add a sense of harmony into your mind first. This will reflect in your daily nature and the positive attitude will eventually cut off all the negativity hampering your mind or work. Set your check-list, sign-in and sign-out on time, learn to ignore and visualise results in your life.

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Change has never been grasped eagerly by everyone until it is compelled. However, when you are practising spirituality at workplace, you will soon realise that all your hindrances are self-created due to which things might not have been happening the way you anticipated. Accept changes are inevitable be it in a person or in your life. Instead of appearing confused and depressed, become emotionally strong to accept the changes taking place in and around you at work.

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Your internal potential and your wisdom can stream through your mind wherever you work, in whichever field you work. Let not make the hindrances or negativeness leading you into a situation where you are working as a victim and not as a self-leader. Know that, before you control others, it is important to take control of your own mind. Once it is ruled in the right direction, all the other issues at workplace vanish away like they never existed.

Assuming you are a dedicated employee of an organisation- HR or a Brand Manager. Would you not like to inhale and spread these spirituality tips across other employees to make a workplace of great culture? As an HR, offering spiritual lessons to fresh graduates or even the senior most level employees could turn out to be an effective employee retention strategy. As a leader of your organisation, or job, comprehending the value of spirituality at work can help you reach heights in your career.

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