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Waiting for the train. Listening to the same playlist on the mobile phone or iPod. Standing for 90 minutes to 2 hours in the horde of people who will drop down at the same stop. All this contributes to a tiring and unsettling journey to and from workplace. Travel time hence appears like the most squandered time of the day, which is often one of the biggest reasons of employees leaving the job. Stress emerging out of long commute is not just limited to physical fatigue but also leads to mental disturbances, if not cured rightly.

According to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, individuals conducting longer commutes encounter bigger waistlines, higher blood pressure, and are less healthy over those who work closer to their home.

In the need to work for a great brand or simply career growth, employees- fresher, mid-level or even senior do not mind traveling to far off organizations. All that they loathe the most is the journey which seems painful to them. While, listening to music, reading books can decrease the level of agitation one can have from long commute, it too will leave the individual in the state of exasperation if that is all he or she has to do on a regular basis.  This does not mean, employees are suggested to leave their companies. However, to make that uninteresting and tedious traveling time to workplace more productive, CareerBuilder presents five simple ideas that can easily be implemented.

  1. Set your daily goals
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“Successful people start their day by making a checklist of goals they wish to accomplish during the day.” says Thomas Oppong, the author of book the ‘Building Smarter Habits’. You do not need a pen and paper for any manual work. There

You do not need a pen and paper for any manual work. There is a multitude of to-do list apps out there – Evernote and Wunderlist to name a few. You can always drop down your tasks, set alerts, as well as, due dates during the commuting time to the workplace.


  1. Say ‘Hello’ to Loved Ones

Do your friends or closed ones complain that you are the busiest individual they have come across? Clear their perception by utilizing the commuting time and greet them. Socializing is one of the best ways to make your long commute appear like a short one and productive as you are certainly able to unwind while reaching out to your friends, family members or closed ones over the social platforms. All this reduces the amount of stress and tiredness one has while simply sitting/standing idle or just listening to the same music.

  1. Learn by Observing

By simply being aware and more observant while traveling can help you discover a lot of new things, which you might have been missing till now. For instance, taking a glance at what the stranger sitting next to you is reading or listening to. Observe something unique in and around your environment such as a weird individual who is yawning badly, someone yelling on the mobile phone, beautiful women who are gossiping without a pause and things that can keep you engaged. When you will ask yourself, “What did you perhaps learn out of those observances?” the answer could be ‘new engagement’, ‘new way to indulge in joy’, ‘enhanced observing and listening skills’ or may be something better than this.

  1. Clear your e-mail box
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If there are pending e-mails which require your responses or even calls, then the best time to clear the important office clutter is while you are on the go. Open your laptop and send greetings, offer letters, client mails, post job ads or others during this time of the day. Morning or evening, the long-travel time will appear too short when your mind would be occupied in doing some important work, which you might not get time for while you are officially at work.

  1. Enroll in a new Language or Course

Did you ever feel like learning a new language or enrolling yourself in a course that could not be done due to your stringent work routine? There are some fantastic apps and websites, which facilitate working individuals with a flexibility to study or learn new courses online. You can hence make your commuting time productive by discovering some new knowledge that you had been long keeping on hold.

These are just a few ideas, which are easily applicable to employees who travel from public conveyance, however, the opportunities are endless. If you are agitated with your long travel time, then choosing either of the options can pave a new gateway for you to enjoy your journey and remain productive in those ‘non-working hours’ as well.

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HR’s can certainly note down these ideas and convey to their employees ensuring their headcount does not decrease, employees remain productive and employee retention becomes smoother.th

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