Not that there weren’t others luring the people of the nation, like Facebook, BBM and Twitter but there was none like Whatsapp. The relationship between India and Whatsapp is growing steadily. With an install rate of 20 million people every month in India, you can say the couple is on a roll!

Let’s see what the love story behind it-is

They Had A Common Friend
Indians were text enthusiasts before Whatsapp came into the picture. The short-messaging-service was our best friend in those times; Whatsapp arrived with a similar portal which was swifter and as easy to use with added benefits. This was an instant hit. Indians befriended the new friend without a second thought, and from there on there was no looking back.


They Liked To Have Fun. Privately
Generally, Indians like to have fun and keep it private. They like to stick to their old trusted mates for jokes and craziness, and that is exactly what Whatsapp did. Through its easy group making feature, a lot of people connected with old pals.
The Indian friend and family scenario rekindled back on the app. People started sharing their pictures, voice notes and other things personal to them on their respective groups. Unlike Facebook or BBM groups, Whatsapp groups were more penetrating as all mobile platforms had them.

The Cupid had stuck!

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They Were Committed To Each Other
What was now needed was some commitment in the relationship to make it last, and there you had it! Indians started getting their businesses on this application. Cutting across social and economic boundaries, Indians loved Whatsapp in masses. The local tailor and the chaiwale bhaiya started promotional activities on the medium with its broadcast message feature. The middle class and above shared their interests and passions on Whatsapp. It was a grand affair, indeed!


Marriage On The Cards ?
Although the relationship has been steady for all these years and stood the test of time, but is India ready to institutionalize it? Looking at the cons, the market is booming with Whatsapp prototypes with high-end features. But they do not have the virality that this app enjoys at the moment with a splendid word-of-mouth promotion. Moreover, you don’t have to make accounts or have BBM pins to operate your dear Whatsapp, all you need is a contact list of people on your phone who should have, to say the least- a feature phone.

Time will tell if they were soul mates or it just an intense fling, but for now both of them are riding high on each other!


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