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To build a successful company, it starts from hiring a talented employee base in your organization. Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, the talented workforce helps building a profitable business setup. To do so, the major focus of a company is hiring a right person for a right position. It is a surprising revelation that almost 50% of the organizational energy is focused on hiring right candidates.

As per the current market demand that is of course hiring talented workforce, more quality job seekers are actively looking for new jobs. But, are job seekers able to locate right companies, or companies are able to find the right candidates? Not exactly in urgent situations. When any urgent positions opens up, it becomes difficult for both to find each other.


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‘Referrals’ make sense here. Yes, you heard it right! Recommendation or reference or referrals from internal employees is the best way to find the right talent when there is some time constraint. Referrals are crucial, but leveraging them is even more crucial. Here are four tips that would help you leverage referrals in a better way:

Being Open-minded

Open-mindedness is important when it comes to leveraging the power of referrals. When employees refer some contacts, it is important to be flexible as not every employee is willing to do so. What if you don’t find the candidate referred by any of your employee suitable, you should keep him/her in the pipeline for future positions.

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Allowing the access to Social Media

Accessing personal social media platforms in working hours is often seen as breach of the company policy. If you are expecting your employees to be playing a responsible role in referring candidates, you should be providing them a space for using their social networks during official hours. Of course, it is their responsibility to not to misuse it further.

Asking for help directly

Transparency is a way to success in a professional atmosphere. Keeping hiring activities under wraps will limit you. Talk about available positions with your employees or send notifications to them and ask for references. Later, you must reward your employees for referring contacts to motivate them for active participation.

Going Mobile

We have to admit it, we breathe and live our mobile phones every day. The habit has extended to using it in searching for jobs as well. Now, most of the candidates are looking for jobs through their phones, moreover they are applying through the same devices. You have to justify your presence on the mobile devices through making your career site compatible to mobile devices. By doing so you will create the grounds to convince referrals at first attempt.

By following these four steps, you will ensure that locating candidates has become easy through referrals when you require to fill the positions immediately. You can better utilize the referrals if you are aware how to control it. End of the day, you would appreciate and follow it in future when referrals get matured in the form of new-hires through your own efforts!

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