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We are living in the age where knowledge is power. At a workplace, it has become even more important. Assisting your workforce in exploring, transforming and share learnings is one of the crucial aspects to achieve organizational success in a cutthroat competition. Today, Learning and Development (L&D) is not just an HR concern, but it has become a top priority for business leaders.

The upper management is conscious of what and how their employees learn so they can meet the expected productivity level like never before. Therefore, there is an apparent increase where CEOs are profoundly investing in the cutting-edge HR technology to make knowledge easily accessible, anytime and anywhere.

Not only the upper management is concerned about it, but the today’s employees are also looking at exploring knowledge differently. Employees are taking learning seriously through easiest accessible possibilities. Customized content which provides value to the learners, comprehensible and spontaneous learning interfaces are some of the modern age knowledge trends. Subsequent points would help you to take a closer look at some of the trends:

Spontaneous & Easy

When productivity is the priority, no one has the time for skill enhancements. In this case, learning should be as quickly as possible where employees can log in quickly, explore & learn required and available knowledge. Creating all-in-one and attractive user-interface without technical malfunctions is the answer to the easily and rapidly accessible knowledge. These are the norms today which makes knowledge instant.

Tailored Content

Role-based learning is in trend – as employees wish to improve specific skill sets considering their roles in their organizations. Today, employees prioritize self-directed learnings where content is customized considering the personal interests, locations, personal aspirations and other priorities. It would then increase the interest level of employees in learning and skill development.

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Universally Available

Today, people communicate through multiple devices. We expect the availability and accessibility of knowledge on every device we use. Therefore, learning and development bodies must create the content compatible with all the devices. Making knowledge accessible anywhere and anytime is an essential to developing a learning culture for people.


The age of individual learning is slowing down. Numerous social platforms are available for knowledge sharing which is breaking the norms of a single sign in and learning independently. We can see social learning platforms are assisting people in learning and sharing knowledge. Peer-to-peer knowledge sessions, learning through a community-specific zone where individuals share knowledge about a particular topic are some of the in-trend learning methods.

Modern learning is not about the broadcasting of knowledge; it’s about offering a likable learning experience. Learning and development experts must ensure that knowledge is available across all the devices and as many as possible channels. Innovation in the knowledge & learning zone would help to inflate the size of available knowledge.

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