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Nelson Mandela, The South African President and leader showed wonderful leadership qualities. From fighting for peace, disabling enemies with his smile, embracing immense forgiveness, and demonstrating a positive attitude to see the master plan, Mandela turned out to be one of the most inspiring leaders whose leadership styles are still followed in the society.

CareerBuilder conducted a deeper research around the Nelson Mandela’s vision, and leadership style and the subsequent paragraphs would certainly enlighten our readers with useful knowledge, which would aid them in becoming successful entrepreneurs, managers & leaders of the present.

Mandela’s Visions

Mandela’s visions driven him to battle for a superior mankind. It was this idea that pressured him to do what he was supposed to do and that made him trust that he still has trust through the darkest days in his imprisonment. With his perseverance, he trusted that the day would come when he could succeed to free his people from the bias in the past. He never surrendered despite being imprisoned for 27 years before being elected as the first president of South Africa.

Mandela’s Leadership Qualities

Mandela realized his dream for his people with his remarkable leadership qualities. Enlisted two are the most inspiring ones:

1. Brilliant communication skills

When confronting arguments, challenges and defenses, Mandela expected his opponents to viably communicate their responses based upon the issues delivered. Communication was crucial to his leadership success, enabling him to organize with his followers viably by disclosing to them the plan to battle for a better country.

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2. Morality was always a priority

Being the first dark president of South Africa, Mandela displayed strong moral values while leading his folks by persistently managing them to keep the focal point in mind and evade all violence. While battling against apartheid, he established an utilitarianism leadership style by soldiering ahead, as he had the morals and values to continue battling. He was then described as a freedom fighter and legend because of his perseverance until the point when he turned into the leader of the nation. Furthermore, his traits of responsibility and morality towards his followers were grasped through his honesty.

Leadership Style of Nelson Mandela, What was Unique?

Mandela embraces the following set of characteristics when it comes to his leadership style.


Amid the twentieth century, Mandela turned into a most powerful figure who led the fight against the apartheid in South Africa. As the first dark president of the nation, his enthusiastic rationale succeeded in accomplishing freedom by being charismatic. This practice turned to be exceptionally successful, where he held strong passionate speeches, which built a sense of trust amongst him and his African National Congress (ANC) followers.


As a persuasive leader, Mandela was ready to lead his nation to almost-freed from prejudice. As a momentous leader, he hoisted his followers’ consciousness by engaging their higher values and ideals, as it would be the way to success. In 1952, Mandela opened the first African legal practice together with his friend, Oliver Tambo, where he was the volunteer-in-chief of the campaign, traveling the nation to elevate people’s awareness.

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While Mandela was the leader of the Congress, he inspired his people by helping them understand the values and significance of his visions. He urged them to build up their own understanding of what is imperative for the nation, for instance the fight for equality, and racial discrimination. This inspiring leadership has contributed to helping the nation with beating the apartheid and forming it into a stable government.

Turning into a great leader is not about showing up with memorizing speeches. It is about leaving a bench mark on the world by displaying essential leadership styles and traits. Mandela’s qualities and life achievements have changed the heart of many in his nation, as well as around the globe. With his presence, better world was made.

Today when we talk about entrepreneurs, aspiring managers or leaders, there is something called a leadership style, which is the most important asset of the one who is going to lead and make more followers. If the budding leaders learn to adapt even one of the above Mandela’s leadership styles, there journey ahead in becoming successful leaders will be smooth and ever worthy.

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