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Lately passed Father’s Day this Sunday, but the lessons learned from fathers drive us a long way in shaping the core of our identity, from mannerisms to attitude. This falls same for some of the top tech CEOs and founders, whose leadership training styles are learned from their fathers and evident in their success. We brought forth the five business leaders who have shared their golden mantras to become great leaders from their fathers.

1. “Lead by Example!”

Jay Larson, CEO of Birst, a provider of cloud-based enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence.

“My father was a man of few words–he was my stone. My mom passed away when I was an adolescent, leaving my father to learn how to deal with the cooking, cleaning, and me. Never did I found him nag about anything. I learned more from what he did than from what he said. My father demonstrated that actions speak considerably louder than words, and he taught me the significance of being the way you are and not what need you to be, he showed me the art of being authentic.”

2. “Focus on Priorities!”

Ethan Oberman, Ex-CEO, and Co-founder of SpiderOak, a provider of the “Zero-Knowledge” privacy cloud technologies.

“My family has built only businesses. Working hard was infused in our mind that frequently implied to great results. My grandfather and father instilled in me the basic lemonade stand way to deal with maintaining a business: make a profit and stand all alone two feet. This focus on the core business–especially in this growing world of technology has been an incredibly stabilizing influence for me as we continue to outline our particular course with SpiderOak.”

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3. “Fight Back the Challenges, Don’t be Afraid of Them!”

– Alastair Mitchell, CEO, and co-founder of Huddle, the enterprise content collaboration platform

“My father taught me a lot about strength, and how you need to continue fighting notwithstanding when things aren’t going well–they always come ’round eventually! In any case, it was my grandfather who inspired me to be an entrepreneur and not be reluctant to do things another way. One of my earliest memories was traveling over the Humber Extension in England and feeling pleased that my grandfather’s construction firm had built this incredible structure. Huddle’s holding company was labeled after the Ninian Central Platform (an oil fix), which he also built. It’s one of the biggest concrete platforms across the globe.”

4. “Faith is Important!”

Manav Mital, co-founder, and CEO of Instart Logic, the cloud application delivery service for performance-obsessed organizations

“My father, a former entrepreneur himself, gave me this sage exhortation when I first turned into a chief, which has guided me to this day as a CEO: overseeing people is not about controlling conduct to do things perfectly but rather contracting awesome people, giving them clear goals, and turning them lose. Letting people succeed in their specific manner and afterward investing behind the successful individuals and behaviors is an almost Darwinian method of scaling the company, however one that has enabled my teams always to do things that were long ways past what I could have accomplished myself.”

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5. “Do not be afraid to be Direct!”

John Keagy, CEO, and Founder of GoGrid, the leader in Open Information Services

“My father was all the way more direct. He was a doctor and not a businessman, so I’m not sure if this has been beneficial for me in business or not. He needed to help as numerous patients as possible and couldn’t have cared less if they could not pay. However, his style of being direct to his patients inspired me to become who I am today.

These leaders turned CEO’s not only taught us to grow with experiences but also to leave our trademarks wherever we go. Aspiring or existing leaders must learn the art to be focused, direct, diplomatic, and mindful at the same time.

But why exactly to bring leadership training to organizations? Is traditional leadership style not enough?

Why Bring Leadership Training to Organizations?

While, the success of any leadership training program solely depends on how it is being conducted, if implemented well; organizations are likely to reap the following benefits, which make the reason to bring leadership training programs to organizations.

– Enhanced overall productivity
– Engaged workforce
– Enhanced leadership styles
– Enhanced employee retention
– Increased brand value
– Lower absenteeism

Pay Attention to Innovation

It is the ideal time for HR leaders to go away from their traditional focus on bulk hiring, and bring leadership training as a pivotal program to engage more employees and make valuable leaders in the organization. Leaders are not made in a day’s time. They are trained to expertise, and eventually, the ones, who dedicate themselves to do something different, who aspire to set examples and do not wish to get swayed off with the crowd are the people who become the next CEO’s of companies.

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