Admit it- you have tried and failed to maintain the on-time in office quotient. You have never had a single month full of perfect on-time or before time check-ins. All the things in the world seem to stop you to claim that feat? That is just a myth.


Here are some effective and easy solutions to your problem-

Set A Travel Time

The time to commute to office is an important element in making your time schedule. Put on the stopwatch when you start from home, and put it off when you are on your work desk. This time gives you the actual details including the time taken to walk from the car park to the building and time spent in the lift. The estimate is accurate enough to make a precise time schedule to be punctual.


Alarm Setting
Usually people have this tendency to set alarms on a very fine even time like- 7:00 am, 6:30 am, 6:15 am. It usually helps to set an alarm at timings like 7:23 am to get up at 7:30 because we all take 7 minutes to stare at the walls, fighting with the bed sheet, lazily lying around before finally getting up. These 7 minutes help you come out of the morning dizziness. Always remember, never to keep the alarm on snooze or the entire purpose is destroyed.

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Get Up And Get Going

First, measure the average time it takes you to get ready. Now try and reduce it because half of it just standing in front of the mirror for no grave reason at all. Buck up, gather some speed and get going. Time-saving is an art you need to master before time runs out.


In Times of Crisis
– Carry your breakfast with you.
– Take 2 steps at a time.
– Switch on the computer system before you switch on your fan in the office.
– Drive at a safely fast speed.
– Calm your nerves down with some music.


Back-up Time
ALWAYS keep 10 minutes as a back-up time for any mishaps. Nobody knows what might happen-The car keys might not be in their place, the breakfast might be too hot to consume, the car might need some fuel, the metro card could do with some recharging. Everything and anything can turn up without prior notice or plan. So, keep a 10 minute back-up in the morning.
Which ways do you use to be on time?

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