Thinking about a career in Information Technology? Give no second thought. Jobs in IT have always been in vogue and promise to be the hub of activity in the years to come. While IT professionals are notorious for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are too smart for an average person to beat at any logical conversation, the point that they are a well secured lot when it comes to careers holds true till date. CareerBuilder India religiously brings you top 5 jobs in IT every now and then; and, here is today’s list.

1. DotNet: You can’t really count that as a career. Nevertheless, the scope of DotNet is so vast that it can easily be categorized as a job skill that can fetch you a reputable job that pays a good package. There is no dearth of jobs in IT that make use of DotNet technology. The demand for the skill is also on a rise. Though it is not a beloved programming favourite, and is considered rather frustrating to learn, the returns that it reaps are extremely lucrative.

2. Applications Architects: If you are someone who likes to work with interfaces, design component of an application, middleware and infrastructure, you are definitely on your way to becoming a great applications architect. Your role in an organization is highly integrative in nature. As an applications architect, you will be required to understand the organizations software landscape adeptly and also be required to keep abreast with the latest innovations that can help improve the infrastructural requirement of application software.

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3. Security Specialists: While most would mistake this role to be confined to the realms of ethical hacking, a security specialist is required to do much more than preventing key information from being attacked. Encoding and decoding is just one aspect of security. The bigger role entails being proactive and observant about the compatible knowledge solutions that can minimize security threats and having an eye for detail when it comes to information allocation and dissemination.

4. Network Manager: Networking is the core of all industries. In IT, networking and collaboration are like the nucleus of all operations. A managerial position in the role of networking will take some time in the industry though – may be somewhere around 5 to 7 years. As far as the skill set is concerned, for the managerial role it would be a prerequisite to have some experience in managing technical personal and some in a networking environment.

5. Chief Information Officer (CIO): One of those positions that every IT professional dreams of, the role of a CIO is crafted for those who have spent quite a lot of time in the industry and are ready to take on some of the most challenging responsibilities that come along with experience and age. A CIO is someone with more than 15 years of experience. The work entails planning and implementation of enterprise resources as well as IT support systems in an organization.

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With business expansion witnessing a boom, the dependence on information technology has increased tenfold. Evidently the competition is on a rise too. Conventional will no longer be the norm for the industry as new avenues open up for IT professionals.


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