Information Technology is a rage. For most, it is still the only industry that offers the most lucrative of jobs and the most interesting of careers. While there is some element of truth in that, CareerBuilder India suggests that if you are looking for a career in IT, do not stick to the tried and tested method. The industry today is brimming with a number of new opportunities. The job scenario is also excellent. So if you have a professional degree in IT or Computer Science, success is guaranteed. The following job options are promising:


1. Ethical Hackers: Information is the most vital element of the knowledge age. Securing information, therefore, becomes the primary activity of every organization. If you know to keep information secure and safe from theft, your organization’s success will only witness an upward trend on the growth graph. Given the importance of information in every organization, the job of an ethical hacker r becomes a prerequisite. They are definitely one of the highest paid people in the organization. And, the most respected ones too. Salary benefits, not to mention are excellent.

2. Capacity Managers: Optimization of resources is a critical requirement for companies nowadays. As per an article on Networkworld, a website that regularly publishes updates on technology, “Capacity planning today is all about trying to ensure that you have enough capacity and memory cycles to meet workload demand. But virtualization causes new variables to be taken into consideration, and power consumption is just one among many, said Cameron Haight, research vice president at Gartner, in an interview with Network World.’ Further the source states that, “For IT resource planning (ITRP) there are several more elements to consider and the process must become much more strategic within an enterprise.”

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3. Business Process Engineer: If you are an Technology professional or someone willing to further your career in the mentioned stream, you must have come across terms like business process re-engineering and ERP. As a business process re-engineer  you’ll be dealing with the restructuring and re-designing of business processes and operations. The focus will be finding the best-fit solutions for processes, procedures and activities.

4. Virtual Systems Manager: With the advent of cloud technology, a new job requirement has come into the picture. Innovations in IT are often harbingers of opportunities and change. The cloud technology, apart from being a great networking improvisation, is a new age in technology that calls for fresh talent and skills. Since virtualization is mainstream now, no one can stop virtual system managers from mushrooming in large numbers and developing rapidly.

5. PHP Developer: The demand for PHP developers has been rising for the past seven years or so, a time period during which the web came into prominence. The basic requirements for a PHP developer include good knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML, and AJAX; some experience in Joomla, Drupal and Magento. What works as an added advantage though is the candidate’s thorough understanding about frameworks and functional specifications.
According to NBC News, with regard to the top industries for 2013, “Overall, what you see is most of the jobs break up into two categories — high tech and health care”. It seems like a promising year for IT.

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