CareerBuilder India is back with the week’s lot on top jobs in the information technology industry. And as we mention the high riding careers of the week, we are overwhelmed by the kind of variety that the industry has to offer. From basic roles to extremely complex ones, the industry has a range of functions and responsibilities to assume. It is definitely reassuring for those who have or are willing to take up information technology as their career specialization, to find a plethora of opportunities on a single platform. Let us look at the top five IT jobs of this week so that you can decide for yourself.


  1. Virtual Systems Manager: With the coming up of cloud based systems in the era of smart networking, one cannot imagine living without virtual systems. And to manage the complex technology interfaces, requires a virtual systems manager. In the times to come, virtual systems management will be at the core of every IT organization. Those aspiring to be a part of this industry should have some basic level knowledge about the subject. Not only will you be required to be adept with current cloud but also with systems that need to be developed in the future.
  2. Network EngineerA network engineer’s job has been in vogue since the past six years, and it continues to be in demand even today. Network engineers basically work around voice and data communication technology. Greater collaborations will be the linchpin of IT in the times to come, therefore, the demand of network engineers is about to see a sudden rise.
  3. Security Specialists: A category of people who are always on the ‘Wanted’ list, but for a good reason. Security specialists, like the name suggests, are people who keep information safe and away from the hands of malicious elements. A security manager knows how to encrypt as well as decrypt information. He has a sharp mind and also knows a lot about cracking codes. You also know him by the name of ethical hacker.
  4. Electronic Record Manager: Innumerable industries have and will be adding IT to their core infrastructure. Healthcare, for example, utilized information technology to administer and manage health records. Likewise, the demand for electronic record managers will be brewing in industries that need elaborate records to be maintained and monitored.
  5. Open Source Specialists: Cost-efficiency is the global mantra for business success. Even IT companies are looking forward to a leaner future. For those organizations that wish to add to their services but cut down on their resources, open source software would be the key. There you have another opportunity. Open Source Specialists would be the pros who are willing and able to work on the open source software to provide for organizational needs.
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Owing to the popularity of these job opportunities in the information industry, the emphasis on subjects like six sigma, information communication, lean management etc. is growing and will touch new heights in the time to come.

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