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Living in India we have all at one point or another considered becoming an engineer. Engineering is a rather old profession; it has been here for as long as we can remember. Being an engineer is not at all easy, and with every 1 in 10 students opting for the course, the competition has never been harder. Engineers are responsible for a lot of major projects, from building space shuttles to air conditioning systems to bridges. The role of an engineer is one full of responsibilities, and like everything else in life, it too requires a set of skills that one needs to possess in order to be successful in the field.


  • Analytical mind

To be a successful engineer, one must have an analytical mind. They are constantly examining things, and analyzing them to see how they can work better. Inquisitiveness is naturally ingrained in them.


  • Attention to detail

When one is responsible for a project, they need to understand that even the slightest error can be the cause behind an entire structure’s failure. Keeping this in mind, the engineer needs to review, track and manage every little detail meticulously during the course of completion of a project, hence making the ability to pay attention to detail a major skill required in engineering.


  • Never stops learning

One might have finished their academic education, achieved a degree in engineering and could be ready to take on big projects, but a great engineer understands that the process of learning never ends. You can never be satisfied with what you know. A successful engineer is the one who stays abreast of developments in the industry. There are a lot of changes and developments happening in technology, these developments keep happening at a rapid space and the successful engineer needs to stay on top of all these new researches and ideas.


  • Creativity

Being creative is not just a requirement of the arts. Even in daily life creativity has helped save a lot of sticky situations. The same is the case with engineering. A great engineer is creative and can think of innovative and new ways to develop new systems and to reach efficiency in problem-solving.


  • Communication skills

Be it written or spoken or heard, communication is something, without which we cease to function. Still many professionals tend to forget that. Even engineers tend to prioritize honing their technical skills, while the communication skills go to rot. Fact is that even engineers cannot be fully effective in their jobs if they are inadequate in communication. Communication skills such as business writing, technical writing, public speaking and presentations are crucial in engineering. Engineers work in varied groups and need to communicate to a multitude of people from different strata of the society. Whether it is the stake holders or architects or the workers or the subordinates, an engineer must know how to get his point across, to make sure that all can share his vision.

  • Logic

To be a great engineer, it is essential to have top-notch logical skills. Logical skills go hand in hand with analytical skills. As an engineer, one needs to be able to make sense of complex systems and to understand how things work and how problems arise. Knowing these is the way one can be an effective problem solver.

  • Numbers and numbers

This is a rather obvious skill. As even the academic course of becoming an engineer is full of mathematics, it just goes to follow that an engineer must be mathematically inclined. Engineering is not just about drawing a few diagrams and making new plans, engineering is an intricate science that involves complex calculations of varying difficulties that are indispensible to project planning, and just when you thought you were well shot of mathematics, it becomes a must-have skill for one of the most famous fields of our country.

  • Problem solving

We have been talking for a while now about how various skills contribute in problem solving, but this doesn’t discount problem-solving from being a skill in itself. A great engineer has sharp problem solving skills. They must be able to figure out where the problem stems from and should then be able to plan out an effective and efficient solution.

  • Leading the team while being a part of it

To become successful in engineering one needs to understand that they are a part of a varied team that is working together to make one project blossom into being. The engineer too must realize that he needs to work in tandem with that team to see his plan to fruition. At the same time the engineer also needs to be the leader. These leadership skills are more of a blending of a lot of skills. These may include the ability to asses risk and then take initiatives in regards to those, the willingness to make a decision even when faced with uncertainty, resourcefulness, adaptability, as well as the ability to engender trust and loyalty in their team.

  • Technical skills

The last skill we mention is the most basic and obvious skill. Technology and engineering are connected deeply to each other. Engineering develops technology while technology upgrades engineering. A great engineer has vast knowledge about technology. They understand various computer programs and other systems that are common in an engineering project. As it is said – technology is probably an engineer’s best friend.

These are the basic skills that every engineer should possess, and with so many contenders for engineering posts, every little thing that gives you a boost is a great boon. Make this your checklist; see what you excel in and what you need to work upon. If you think we missed out on some core engineering skills, feel free to tell us below in the comments section.

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