digital marketing skills

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Digital is the new up and coming space for marketing. Print media and television and radio are still running strong, but when the majority of your target audience is online, why not market your products and services on the same platform. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But digital marketing is not just about making a few ads and posting them randomly online. As easy as it may sound, digital marketing goes much deeper. What with analytics and targeting, digital marketing too requires a set of skills if you are to be a success in this field. The digital space is a dynamic entity and keeps changing at a rather high velocity and it falls upon you to try to keep up with this change. So what is it that a digital marketer requires to excel in this field?

digital marketing skills

  • Analytics

The term “big data” has been tossed about around a lot these days. Surrounded by mysteries, cloaked in uncertainties, Big Data raises many an eyebrow as to what it really is. Well it’s data and its quantity is “big”. We can’t make it simpler than that. Big data plays a big role (pun not intended) in the workings of digital marketing. But it is not all about the data; it is about what you “do” with data. That is the where the analytics come into play. You need to either have good analytical skills, or you need to hire a good analyst. Big data has all the information you need, now you need to analyze it and decide who your target audience is; where they are most active and finally you need to devise a strategy to best reach out to them.

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  • Social Media Savvy

Gone are the days when social media was all about the big four (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram). Social media has expanded into new territories; Pinterest, Tumblr, SlideShare, etc. are the new players on the digital field. To successfully use the analytic strategies, to properly judge which platform is “your” platform, you need to know all these and even the new upcoming social media platforms thoroughly. Understanding is the first step to utilization.


  • Data Visualization

Your reach and virality on the wide web depend on the shareability of your developed content. Once you are familiar with all the platforms (whether relevant or not), you will know what kind of content will work where. For example, Twitter is all about short and crisp, while you can pour your heart out on LinkedIn, Facebook users meanwhile prefer to share and look at images. You need to be able to visualize how your content should be, and then work on it.


  • Technical Knowledge

Of course, being a digital marketer does not mean that you will be taking care of all the tasks yourself, but at least a little basic knowledge about the technicalities of digital marketing doesn’t hurt. You will have a very diverse team, from writers to designers, and if you have a knowledge of these skills, you will find it easier to communicate with your employees.

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  • Team Work

As mentioned above, a digital marketing team has a lot of different roles, and consequentially, a lot of different people to play those roles. You have your writers and you have your designers, there are your accounts people and there is the studio department, and truth of the matter is that each and every department needs to work together to ensure that tasks are done. Digital marketing is a team effort and so you need to make sure that the team works well together. Team work is perhaps the most important aspect of digital marketing as without everyone working together seamlessly, it would not be possible for the company to function.


  • Dynamics

Like in any field, one needs to be “ready” in digital marketing as well. Readiness here means a good knowledge about breaking news, pop culture and new trends. The speed at which information travels in the digital space makes it imperative for you to keep up with all the happenings, whether they are directly related to you or not. This also helps you be prepared for public relations issues that might arise.


  • Soft Skills

Becoming a digital marketer means that you have to deal with a lot of people internally as well as externally, that includes your own team, new clients you need to pitch to, and difficult clients that refuse to see your point of view. For all these you need to have impeccable soft skills such as communication, diplomacy, friendliness, flexibility, etc.


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These basic skills can help you carve out a niche for yourself in digital marketing. If there are any more skills you think are paramount in this field, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

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