Deadly Sins-Job Seeker

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Deadly Sins-Job Seeker

The seven deadly sins! Everyone knows what these are, but only few can identify what small deeds make us commit these sins. Committing a sin never brings a good news, and it feels more worse when it is about career. So, job seekers make sure you do not commit these seven sins while searching a job and save your career from going to a doom. Here are your actions that make you commit these sins.

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You were a topper in school; or you held a high ranking position in the previous company; or you were acknowledged for your efforts and got early promotion. Whatever be the reason, never let pride overpower you.

While searching a job, don’t let pride overcome your search. Do not hesittae or feel insulted for asking about referrals, connect with people who can get you or connect you to good opportunities.

TIP: There isn’t any space for EGO in job hunt.



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Sailing in two boats (or more) can only drown you. Don’t just randomly apply for any or every open job position. This can backfire as it gives impression of your uncertainty to the recruiter or head hunter. Instead, always be prepared with a job search plan. With a proper job search plan, you can identify the target roles, create a planned CV, work upon job applications, invest in networking and manage your time.

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TIP: Even Everything cannot lead to satisfaction. So avoid gulping everything available.



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Yes, the last bencher who was just an average student is now working at a senior level at a reputed organization. This is a good reason to feel irritated and disheartening; true? Well, no, it is not. It is another sin that you would commit by doing this. This envious behaviour or attitude cannot do any favor to you. Learn to take such situations with positive attitude and just focus on your goals. If you get an opportunity to talk to them, talk about what worked for them and what advice can they give you. And this would obviously help you.



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No matter how much your previous employer screwed you, no matter how unfair your last job was to you, or no matter how your colleagues behaved with you. Never bad mouth about them, specially on social channels. Recruiters do conduct a behaviour check, and if they get to know about this attitude, then consider yourself as knocked out even before getting the job.




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Being a lazy bum and applying for every position is another deadly sin that you would commit. Circulating one common resume to all those position is another one that makes the sin more harmful. If you are committing any of these sin, then too your job hunt would yield no success.

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Shun away the lazy attitude and work on your resume and job search plan. You need to learn the skills to market yourself and tell the employer how your skills and experience truly can benefit his organization.



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Is the sexy bonus structure of this hot job tempting you to apply for the job position? But are you exactly qualified for it? Or do you even have interest in this field? Well, do not just randomly apply for any or every job. Recruiter’s time is valuable, so don’t do anything that would annoy them.


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I need Flexible working hours, high salary, transportation, etc. etc. depicts your greed. You can not have all the things. Don’t be too demanding and adhere to the work culture of the company. Also, if you will talk about money too early in the interview process, then that too would depict you as greedy.


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