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Your job has become repetitive or you are not getting the kind of appreciation and Appraisal at work. The reason may be anything but it’s a tried and tested fact that once your heart is no more in a Job, every single day is a burden.

Following the same old methods and approach for Job search in this tech savvy, everyday changing world will only extend the duration of your Job Search. Here are some things that you need to stop doing today to make sure that you get you dream job as soon as possible.

  1. Relying Only on Job Portals.

Searching on Job portals is a great way to have a couple of options to choose from but that is not enough.  Gone are the days when employers used to contact job seekers. It’s actually the other way round, where they post vacancies on Social Media portals and the rest is up to the jobseekers.

Rohit Ahlawat, Senior HR at AdGlobal360 has been successfully sourcing people from LinkedIn, Facebook and through Job Portals. According to him“We get a good response from these platforms, It also gives us a chance to understand the candidate better as his/her whole Career snapshot and personality is available to us. This also reduces our efforts in doing background research on the candidate” Some examples on how he uses Social media in Recruiting.



Apart from this, networking with the right kind of people extensively will help you increase your chances many folds. Select all the contacts in your mail as well as Phonebook (off course excluding your boss) and send them a mail/message asking to refer you in their companies. You can also make new connections on LinkedIn, Attend meet-ups, Follow HR’s on Twitter, Share your Job Search on various Groups on Facebook, are some of the activities so that you do not miss any opportunities. Who knows your dream job might be just one comment away. With so many options Nitin’s friend will have no problems choosing the right job.

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2. Making One Resume for all the jobs that you are applying for

Every Organization has a different vision, Culture and expectations from their future employees. So the next time when you do not get a callback even after a good interview, just have a good look at your resume, maybe that’s where the problem is.

Resume tip_2

The roles, Values and Skills should match the Job description, (this does not mean that you simply copy everything from the JD in your Resume) the hard work that you put into small things like these have 2 benefits:

  1. They prepare you for the Interview as you read the JD many times and by the end you have enough information to clear that Interview.
  2. It creates an excellent first impression on the HR as it shows how serious you are for the Job and the organization, thus increase your chances of selection.

We discussed this in detail in one of our previous blogs ‘Be Specific, Don’t believe in ‘One serves all’


3. Waiting for the Interviewer to get back to you.

According to a survey by online job-matching service The Ladders, 75 percent of interviewers said that receiving a thank you letter from a candidate affects their decision-making process.(source: Organizations often take some time to analyze an Individual before making the Job offer. A well-crafted follow up (read: Tips for good Interview follow up etiquette) email always gives you an edge over other interviewees.

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Here is an example of the kind of email you can send.

Dear Interviewer,

It was great meeting you today, and I appreciate you taking the time to interview me. I’m excited to be considered for the (name the position) as well as all of the opportunities the company presents. I had a good time discussing my passion of (insert what you’re passionate about) and really enjoyed learning more about (insert what new tidbit you learned about the company).

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to following up with you.



(source: Interviewer follow up email template at )


As always we would be more than happy to hear your experiences. Do share some of them in the comments section.

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