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Not all advice and tips bring good to you, specially when those relate to getting through job interview. Here are 15 crucial job interview tips that your frenemy might give you, so BEWARE!

  • Arriving Late: Have you ever been advised to visit late for your interview? Well, it’s the worst advice one can ever get. Make sure you are always on-time or reach at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time. There are several candidates, who take it liberally and get late for interviews and ultimately cost the job.
  • Arriving too early : Like you do not have to reach late for your interview, similarly, it is also a bad visit quite early, as this sends a wrong message. Also, by visiting early or much before the scheduled time, you are just adding to the stress of the staff at the company, which is not a good way to start.
  • Smoking: Don’t just smoke before you go for the interviews. Even if you have mouth fresheners, still that won’t work. You ought to follow certain etiquette before going for the interview and not smoking is one out of them. So, if you get to meet a smoke buddy before going for interview, simply don’t accompany him.
  • Drinking: Again, like smoking, drinking as well is simply a big no. It is better that you do not even indulge in any booze treat a night before the interview as well. This might affect your senses and answering skills. You simply can’t afford to make any silly mistake during your job interview.
  • Dressing Wrong: Another silly suggestion by a friend that can cost you a job is wrong attire. Even if you do not want to dress formally, try to wear decent attire and decent colors.
  • Chewing Gum: Just spit the chewing gum before you enter the interview premise. To chew gum during face to face interview is simply considered as bad manner.
  • Bringing a friend along: Even if you feel nervous, don’t just ask your friend to accompany you for the interview. This would make the interviewer doubt on your leadership skills or ability to take responsibilities.
  • Blabbering if given a chance to talk: Don’t blabber. Be precise and direct for what you have to convey. The recruiter might think that you are either nervous talker or can simply not get to the point.
  • Bad Mouthing your ex: To talk negative about the last boss is one of the easiest things to do; however this reveals your disrespectful attitude towards your managers, which would again cost you your job.
  • A Bad Handshake: A limp hand shake gives an impression that you are either not interested or are weak; to shake hands with finger tips conveys your inability to engage; and, the arm pump handshake shows your aggressive attitude. All these handshakes are considered as bad handshakes, so try practicing before visiting for interview.
  • Being rude and bad tampered: No matter the person has to interview you or not, don’t be rude with any staff member at the company you are going to interview at.
  • Glancing at the watch too often: Keep your schedule free for the interview day. Don’t just give your time to your friend or for any other work so that you have to be in hurry or look at the watch quite often to rush out.
  • Informing your salary expectation before asked: Last, but not the least, do not just talk about your salary expectations before being asked. Wait for the right time at least after you have won the employer.


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