One might argue that when you are working in isolation, away from the distractions of so many people in office you work better. You tend to become more focused and productive. You can do work whenever you like without anybody to disrupt your flow. But, is this really true?

Find out the Positives of Isolated Working:

In the Right Mold
It varies from person to person. Some people are not focused, as they are not in the surroundings where they feel liable to work. Being in office, among coworkers who are working around you gives you the zest to work. You just have to be in the right mould to work, irrespective where you are working from. For some, it is from the office while others prefer more comfortable and surroundings.

Save Time
Not coming to office definitely saves commutation time, which is great benefit for those who live far off. Most of these people get tired while travelling and can’t really put in their best, as they are frustrated with the amount of travel they have to go through.

Great For Anti-socials!
One brilliant thing about working remotely is that people who lack social skills feel great about such an idea, if their company offers one. Nothing appeals to them better than being with themselves and not having to interact with people face-to-face. They are more than satisfied with emails!

Cost Saving
Both the company and the worker save a lot of money if people are allowed to work from wherever they like except a designated workspace. Cost saving s equal to increase in profit by the company. The company who can afford to communicate everything via the internet should develop this model of working.

Basically, it can be boiled down to two factors-
Type of work and company culture, which dictate if they can initiate isolated working habits amongst their workers.

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