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“Take me through your typical day!” – How many of you have asked this question to the candidates while interviewing them? There might be many of you, but what if we suggest that you have been asking not so insightful question? Scroll down to know what we actually mean.

Look at the two statements and try to identify the difference!

Take me through your typical day and Take me through your previous day from start to end.

On one hand, the former is the hypothetical question as there is no such typical day, while the latter is more direct. Asking a hypothetical question would give you a hypothetical reply which is of no good use. Here, if you need a better insight about the candidate’s skills & strengths, than asking a direct question is required.

By asking this direct question, you need to ensure how the candidate handles this and how deep is he getting into it. This would give you a great picture of the candidate and you can easily judge how good he is utilizing his time and other available resources.

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