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It might sound self-evident, yet the initial step to conclude the recruitment outsourcing agency interview is to realize that you are not engaging with the company itself.

Recruitment outsourcing companies work as the middle man between candidates and employers and take the necessary task of the hiring process out from the company’s hands. Hence, potential candidates must comprehend the fact that if they wish to work for their dream company, they need to impress the recruitment outsourcing agency first.

The question is, what exactly candidates should be prepared with to crack the interview. Underneath are some must-follow tips from recruitment outsourcing consultants:

Market yourself

The possibility is, a candidate has been called for an interview either because he is shortlisted for the job, or he appears for the first round. With both of these, the recruiting manager is undoubtedly going to go through the resume- not exclusively to see whether it is a right match but how does the candidate demonstrate himself in the interview. This makes it significant for the applicant to showcase the broadness of his or her capabilities, which can add value to the overall success of the organizational goals.

Do not take it informally

While many candidates do not give much value to the interview process of recruitment outsourcing agencies owing to the lack of final decision-making power these have, it is better to re-evaluate the consequences of losing that dream job because of this preconceived thought. The discussions could be informal; the interview questions could be casual. However, the recruiting manager of the HR outsourcing company still holds power to forward your profile to the employer, which makes it highly vital for the candidate to be over-prepared than normal.

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Ask their recommendation

Professional recruitment consultants have excellent knowledge in the specific fields for which the hiring is conducted. During the interview, there is no harm in taking their recommendation about the role the candidate has applied for, even if the selection has been taking place. They, with their experience, can provide the best knowledge to ensure the candidate contends with their advice.


Once the candidate has left the interview, the process does not stop there. There are further conversations and discussions between the recruitment outsourcing manager and the employer about how the interview went etc. If the candidate is guaranteed that his or her CV will be put forward to the employer then making a few reminders to the recruitment outsourcing team for further proceedings is a smart advice. Other applicants are waiting in the queue who are certainly on their checklist, which may occupy the employer, as well as, the recruitment outsourcing consultant team. Being smart enough to get the job done faster enhances the chances of success.

While the final decision of employment is always in the hands of the employer, leaving a lasting impression on the recruitment outsourcing agency is the ladder to ensure the hiring decision is in your favor. Presently, increasing associations outsource the challenging task of recruitment to HR outsourcing professionals. This does not mean they do not have the potential to make good hires, but the trust on the particular experience of recruitment consultants in bringing the best talent on board in the least possible time is worth the effort.

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