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Interviews can be tricky and let’s be honest, for most of us interviews are at times mind boggling. It becomes a little difficult when you are not sure as to how and why some question is asked. Gone are the days when it used to be only about the work, in fact these days, every organisation has a different set of expectation from their future employees especially the hot-shot start-ups which expect and hire nothing less than excellence.

That’s why this time we write about some of the Interview tips from some well-known Entrepreneurs.


1. Elon Musk

Everybody takes every word seriously when it comes from the founder of SpaceX
Cofounder of PayPal, Zip2 and Tesla Motors. Elon Musk has been known to have a
Very specific expectations from the people he interviews.

According to him –
“When I interview someone, I ask them tell me about the problems they worked on and how they solved them. If someone was really the person that solved it, they’ll be able to answer on multiple levels. They’ll be able to get down to brass tacks. And if they weren’t, they’ll get stuck. And then you go, ‘okay, this person is not really the one who solved it.’ Anyone who struggles hard on the problem gets it.”

Indirectly he says, don’t lie in any Interview. We all have that temptation to write some extra things in the resume and tell about it in an Interview but be alert, there are people like Elon Musk who are ready to do anything to get what they want.

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2. Sir Richard Branson

“Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, KBE is an English businessman and investor. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies. He also has been very specific with what he wants from his future employees. He values the right attitude more than the right skills. It is evident in all the 3 tips that we have picked from his books and blog.”
a. “Obviously a good CV is important, but if you were going to hire by what they say about themselves on paper, you wouldn’t need to waste time on an interview.”
b. “As important as it is to look at what a candidate has achieved elsewhere, I have always believed that the single most important thing to consider is ‘personality fit, “he says. “By that I mean, is this someone whose way of being, sense of humour, and general demeanour will dovetail easily with your company’s culture?”

c. “A person who has multiple degrees in your field isn’t always better than someone who has broad experience and a great personality.”

We have also discussed it at times that skills can be learnt and acquired but it is the perfect attitude that takes any organization to the next level and Sir Richard focuses only that”

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3. Jeff Bezos

He is the one who started Amazon and opened the gates of online shopping for the world. Thanks to him that we don’t have to visit stores for every second thing now. Jeff has 3 points to share for all the employees and employers to make any organization the next Amazon.

a. Will you admire this person?
Bezos explained that in his ideal organization, every employee would be an example for others. While this set the standard high, it helped to build a culture where employees were always learning from each other.

b. Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group they’re entering?
Every new hire should help bring the organization closer to its goals, says Bezos.

c. Along what dimensions might this person be a superstar?
Bezos’ last question was meant to identify the specific skill of interest that the candidate would bring to the company culture. The Amazon Bezos was trying to create was fun and interesting, and to reach this goal, he needed fun and interesting employees.

Based on this, people preparing for Interviews should focus on presenting themselves as an overall performer. You may be good at a particular skill but bringing other members of the team to your level of hard work and commitment is equally important to grow as an organization.

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4. Mark Zuckerberg
Do I need to write anything telling you who is he. We may not know the name of the I.T. guy in our company but we all know the youngest most successful tech-entrepreneur of our times. He only looks for one thing when hiring people for Facebook.

‘I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person’

This comes as a very important tip for everyone. Come across as a genuine and good hearted person in the Interview. This not only establishes as a genuine person but also shows your sincerity to the organization you are applying for.


5. Randi Zuckerberg
Apart than being Mark Zuckerberg’s elder sister and having worked in Facebook for the first 6 years, she is the founder of Zuckerberg Media author of 2 books, Traveller, Speaker and what not, her biggest hiring secret is very simple. According to her,

“It’s not all about experience or age. It’s important to find people who are smart, hard workers and passionate. While interviewing, look for those candidates who respond with the most enthusiasm and come up with innovative, out-of-the-box responses.”

Answering enthusiastically with out of the box approach can impress any interviewer. It indirectly suggests how excited you are for the job compared to several others who have applied just for the sake of it.

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