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Last time we discussed answering the first question in an interview i.e.“Interview question-3, Tell me something about yourself” today we will discuss a way to answer the last question which usually decides that an interviewee will be selected or not.

Imagine, the interview is going all well, the interviewer is all happy and satisfied with the answers you are giving, and to close the deal, he asks you one final question “Why should we hire you ?” or “Why do you think you will be a successful addition our organization ?” As we discussed in the last post, there are two ways to answer any question.

1. Tell him that you will work really hard with more dedication than anyone else along with some other qualities like being punctual, honest, responsible, etc. An average interviewer takes about 10 interviews a day and 9 out of 10 times he gets this response. Answer this way and you will get a reply “we will get back to you” and we all know what that means.

2. You have done your research about the job responsibilities, the kind of candidate they are looking for and most importantly you know what the company’s plans are for the future. An answer which incorporates all these aspects will not only give you an edge over others but will also give them the impression that you are actually interested in working with them and not just because you want a job.

If you are applying for a startup, you may answer the question like:
“ I have been following the business news related to your company and you have plans to enter new domains and expand in the next 2 years. This means that you would need people who can handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
I was a part of a project in my college where me and my friend developed a management information system. After getting good reviews from our peers we decided to pitch it as a product in the industry. The only problem was that we were both coders and knew nothing about the challenges that lay ahead. Along with the coding and other responsibilities on me and my friend, I also started promoting our project on social media and related forums. It was tough initially but from there I got to be a part of many networking events where my skills as a public speaker( I was a consistent member of the debate team and an anchor for all cultural events in college) came in handy and our project got a very good response. Finally we were able to sell it to XYZ company. This experience made me realize that most of the problems are in the mind and can be dealt with the right kind of confidence.

Although this answer is complete in itself but this is suitable for one kind of Interview. The key is to be ready with all the points discussed above. Don’t forget to support the answer with real life examples. This will make your candidature very clear in the minds of the Interviewer and increase your chances of getting selected.

Do share in the comments section what according to you best answer to this question based on your industry and background.null

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