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Hunting a good job is all together important for us. After all nobody wants to stay unemployed or stuck in an unhappy job. But how about making it an interesting activity and be somewhat innovative in the job hunt? Let’s at least give it a try and redefine the activities of searching a job.


Befriends LinkedIn and spend some time with it:

Befriending LinkedIn would not just get you a good job (good in your own definition) but would also allow you to network with people, who would help you in your career. Plus, the most important part is activating the events applications option. With this, you will get the notifications for the programs that happen around you (based on your career options). Try to attend few of the selected events, as that would help you make relevant contacts with people from your industry.

TIP:  Just sharpen your speaking skills this would help you connect better.


Practice Speaking and not Talking:

There is a difference between speaking and talking and that difference is called intelligence. So practice speaking and a lot of speaking, so that when you get the opportunity to talk to the hiring manager, you speak relevant & intelligent stuff. During interviews, what you would speak would majorly decide whether you are in through the job or not.

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TIP: If you are not confident about your speaking skills, enroll yourself in grooming classes.


Be on

How many of you have heard about I guess by now this site has become quite popular. It is a superb and relevant content generation platform. From knowing about the list of top companies in your industry to learning about particular company’s culture or job vacancies, Quora can help you with everything.

One another aspect that you might not be aware of that along with giving you solutions for your queries, Quora would also help you get noticed. Hiring managers do use as well to known how active and sensible is the candidate via the answers and questions posted.

TIP: Be relevant and verify before you post anything.


Start Blogging:

Content not just makes companies rule and stand out as a brand, but it does the same to an individual too. Start blogging and market your skills in your own way, you never know you may make your own industry standards while doing so.

TIP: Build your extreme credibility and bring your positives in work (achievements & awards). Keep negatives at a bay.

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