India's Top Companies to Work For PART 2

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You know your office is a great place to work when every morning the alarm starts ringing, you feel a stirring of excitement instead of dread. You know your office is a great place to work when even though weekends are great, you don’t really mind when Monday is back. You know your office is a great place to work when you have great work relationships with people, you take pride in whatever you are doing and you genuinely enjoy the company of the people you work with. It is an indisputable fact that today creating a great workplace culture is paramount to employee retention and an integral part of any organization’s business strategy.

In Part 1 we talked about a few of the top companies to work for in India. Now here are the rest of them

Godrej Consumer Products

Godrej Consumer Products builds an environment that nurtures talent at every stage. Taking pride in offering an outstanding workplace, one of the principal areas of focus for this company has been attracting, retaining and developing women talent in order to create a robust pipeline of potential leadership for the next three to five years. The company also conducts periodic workshops and trainings on professional development. The Godrej Fellows Program is a unique program that aims to create future Godrej leaders. Each year, the program brings together a group of 12 exceptional young Godrejites under the age of 35, from across companies and functions, which has unconventional ideas to change Godrej. One of the primary objectives of this one-year program is to teach and mentor young leaders about how change happens within large corporations, and to empower them to effectively create and manage this change themselves.


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Intuit Technology Services

With a diverse workforce, the company promotes an environment where differences are valued and respected. Parents at Intuit can enjoy various benefits such as maternity and paternity leaves, once they are back at work they can avail daycare discounts at Intuit’s partner crèches. The company also ensures that expectant mothers have dedicated parking and a vehicle at their disposal to make travel less painful. For employees who wish to adopt, Intuit offers Rs 50,000 and 84 days of adoption leave to allow new parents to bond with the child. Intuit also provides their employees with medical insurances at no costs to the insured. Every employee is provided with opportunities to grow, discover, and expand their personal and professional horizons. Employees are also encouraged to spend 10 per cent of their time – called unstructured time to chase dreams.


Accor Hotels India

Accor Hotels India is known for creating a caring, inspiring and respectful environment. Its policies are based on professionalism, recognition, diversity and respect. The company is passionate about creating a culture where people have the freedom to exemplify their best work practices in an environment they enjoy.


Forbes Marshall

This company has been building an office environment that is friendly and communications that are transparent and accessible. Employees working at Forbes Marshall take pride in their work, team and company and rank the company high on credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

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Lifestyle International

The company ensures that every employee – from as staffer at the corporate office or a customer representative at our store – have similar experience and value proposition in working with Lifestyle. Their policies and processes are based on a strong belief in a culture of openness, transparency, camaraderie, trust and mutual respect. The programs that this company has instituted at every step of an employee’s journey, right from the time they join the organization, are intended to delight the employee, engage them and ensure that they can perform at their best.



So job seekers, you might have now added a few more things that you need to expect from your prospective employers, and employers, you have now seen where the bar lies when it comes to employee retention and engagement.

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