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It is always interesting to know amazing facts related to stuffs happening around us. Isn’t it? Let’s today peep into some amazing realities on the behaviour of Indian professionals at the workplace.

Have a look at the infographics based on the online survey initiated by CareerBuilder on an average workday within the US, India, Brazil, France, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the UK among 400 to 2,279 full-time employed hiring managers and HR professionals in each country.



For any organization, an efficient team of Human Resources (HR) is paramount to work as the foundation of a successful work environment. Every organization requires HR to build a good team of working professionals. The role of HR goes much beyond than simply hiring the best talent. There are multiple challenges for HR professionals that they have to deal with by keeping their best foot forward. But, dealing with human emotions at work is one of the biggest challenges for them. Understanding different employee emotions means going deep inside into their psychic to make them feel at comfort in the organization.

The most negative and critical emotional flows in any organization are – fear, anger, disgust and sadness. The reason of these emotional flows in employees is/are either because of their personal problems or/and issues at workplace.

Some of the personal issues an employee faces could be due to his/her health, family, commuting, etc. Some of the issues that employees face at their workplace could be late working hours, lack of coordination with colleagues, rude managers, work-pressure, huge targets, etc. These conditions lead employees towards different kinds of emotions flowing around them.

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Both types of issues could end up making employees feel distressed, annoyed, frustrated, confused leading to reduced productivity.

The above suggested points would help HR for creating a positive workplace and improving the productivity as well. If HR understands employees’ different emotional conditions and the reasons for the same, they would be able to run the organization in a better way.

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