Every time you go to make a presentation in front of an audience you want to make an impression, so that they remember you! Time and again you try new techniques so as to hold them enraptured by your spoken word. But, there is a lot more that goes into a presentation than just presenting it on a platform.

After providing you with a presentation tool for making impressionable presentation, here are a few tips to give your presentation an edge-

Get some enthusiasm in your veins!
You are in front of people who want to hear you. Project your voice, get some hand gestures going. You have to be convinced so as to convince others about what you are talking about. An air of conviction and not over-confidence should always be there when you start the presentation. Use some voice modulations to highlight a point or quickly talk through the repetitive areas. It keeps the attention of the viewers intact.

Humanize the presentation and make it into a story of a person. Making a story out of the presentation gives it a dynamic edge as now the presentation would have a narrative to guide it. If you can’t find anything to build a story on, just adapt the presentation to a way the user might want to know about your idea/ product/ service.

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Careful Structuring
After you construct a story, make sure it revolves around a structure and does not sound haywire. There should be themes and sub-themes to whatever you are saying and nothing should be said out of context of either the narrative or the structure. Weave a story around logical structures!

Know Thy People
It is an added advantage if you know your audience before you start conceptualizing your presentation. Ask questions like-

What level of intellect do they possess?
Which demography do they belong to?
Is there any theme to the event?
What does the audience like to know about?

You might be a t a better position when you have the answers to all of these or more questions.

Keep it Simple, silly!
It is a proven fact that the audience only remembers 3 top things that caught their fancy after the presentation. You need to keep the presentation within the time assigned and very simple at that. Admit it, simplicity works more often in a 10 min presentation than complex ideas. You are there to impress them and not educate them. Keep that running in your mind at all times.

Have a great time presenting, people!

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