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For any established organization, the internal human resource data (resume) is crucial. Resumes, which HR collects through an automated platform (career website) during the course of their operations are significant and precious. For example, a 10 years old company during its peak time after 3 years receives an average of 100 resumes on a daily basis through various platforms. In seven years, the company would be able to accumulate 2, 555, 00 resumes. It creates a huge internal database for them that they can consider and utilize further whenever they have job openings. It would be a wastage of resources to completely look for new resumes through fresh job postings when need occurs.


Importance of a Career Site

Basically, Career Site is a smart website that tells job seekers about the relevant job openings in a particular company where they can submit their details and upload resumes directly. The need for such a website is crucial for big companies as it creates a brand identity and credibility among jobseekers. Following are some of the basic advantages of having a career website:

  • Jobseekers can easily apply for jobs through such platform.
  • It helps the organization receive data for current and future hiring.
  • It makes the process of pre-hiring activities simple.
  • It creates more brand awareness as an independent site for a particular organization.
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Importance of Internal Human Resource Data

When it comes to investing on external sources for resumes, it would be better to rely on the internal data first that companies have automatically built so far. Return on Investment (ROI) is important when you make an investment be it training, capital or equipment. Creating a career website and maintaining it is known as investment. It would be a wastage of fresh resources until we utilize the existing resources. Using internal data (resumes) coming to the organization through career website is fruitful. Every company must attempt try to practice it for better ROIs.

  • It saves time that companies spend on fresh employee search.
  • It saves money for fresh job posting on different job-boards.
  • It leverages internal data-flow for frequent hirings.

Importance of Automation in Internal Data Collection

 To build a strong internal database, career website plays a significant role. However, when company needs to utilize the same data, it is important to refine the existing data. Since, anyone is accessible to filling up the form and uploading resumes, the system may get the similar or fake or irrelevant data. There must be an automated system that can create your own searchable dynamic database with refined data.

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To provide companies with an automated data filtering and searchable customized data, internal repository software can perform multiple actions at the backend. Whenever, there is any need for hiring employees, internal repository system helps refining the data flow that it fetches from integrated career websites. In India, the use of such software is taking its baby steps, but, we would see an increased use of it soon!

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