Appraisal Expectations

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Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Ahem.. It’s me Appraisal. Shall I come?

Oh yes. Please!

I wish getting appraisal could be this simple. But alas, it’s not. There are lot more things to think upon and negotiate for.

Anyways, what are your appraisal expectations? Have you thought about something? What would you talk about or negotiate for? Are you eyeing just for salary hike or position hike? If yes, then you are missing on a lot of other important things that can make your work-life easy.

What you need to think about to decide this?

The need of hour says, it’s not money that people crave for, but it’s the quality for life. You need to de-stress your life so figure what is there that bothers you the most and how it can be sorted.

Well, a research says that on an average, an employee spends 1.5 hours per day to commute. Looking at the increasing on-road traffic as well as jam packed public transports the major reason of stress is traveling. So how about asking for flexible working option?

Just an idea: How about proposing Telecommuting once a day in a week?

Practically, working from home once a day in a week would not just reduce the stress level, but would also increase the productivity. You can utilize the energy and time to work more efficiently. Telecommuting also promotes superb work-life balance, needless to say how much an employee looks forward to it. Another benefit that would help you convince your manager is that it would help the environment. Teleworkers can help the environment by saving the fuel/oil as 73% of the employees on an average commute by a personal vehicle. So, one day can contribute a lot to save the environment.

Anyhow, proposing telecommuting option is just an idea. What else do you think can we expect as appraisal? Share your ideas in the comment box and let’s prepare for what we are worth for.

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