Human Capital Trends Study 2016

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Human Capital Trends Study 2016

CareerBuilder India is off to a great start with over 200 responses. The aim of this research is to explore how organisations are leveraging the Talent Acquisition technology to improve the source, recruit and engage talent. We are looking at the tactics and challenges through every segment of the “Adoption of Technology in Talent Acquisition” starting from sourcing to recruitment and analytics.

The gratifying news is that with several new products and services, it is a right time to be an HR Technology buyer. Conversely, the bad news is most organisations still struggle when making decisions on upgrading their existing recruitment technology.

As an HR Technology Specialist, CareerBuilder is committed to assisting organisations navigate through the “Application of Technology in Talent Acquisition” and understand how to recognise their priorities. Below is a sneak peak of our “Human Capital Trends Study 2016”.

In the research we comprehensively covered following pain-areas:

  1. Sourcing Technology – Quality for hire
  2. Recruitment Technology – Applicant Tracking System and the workflow management
  3. Recruitment Analytics – Unified dashboard to manage recruitment strategy

The question of getting the right talent pool and tapping them for the different positions for excellent fitment will always be a contest. In our report, you will find a reality study of how technology is being used in organisations and the hardships experienced by organisations at different stages of Talent Acquisition – from sourcing to recruiting to analytics.

On July 21st, 2016, we will be releasing our research report and publish the highlights from this analysis and recommendations for organisations looking better to understand the Talent Acquisition Technology landscape and their customer journey.

Stay ahead of the competition and find the right talent at the right time with the help of these Key Leanings on “Application of Technology in Talent Acquisition 2016”.

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