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CareerBuilder India talks to Nilesh N Indulkar, Head Human Resources and Placement Services, iClarity IT Services in CB HR Talk. He talks about different challenges during talent acquisition, and strategies for pitching & hiring candidates as well as big data.

What are the main challenges encountered during talent acquisition?

The major challenges in talent acquisition..I can very well define talent acquisition in three words- basically getting the right talent, right time and right place- that’s the key factor of talent acquisition. So, when we talk about Big Data into recruitment, we talk about how I can pool the data on the right time, doing analysis. When we talk about right candidate, then what kind of right candidate he is- is he shortlisted, screened, filtered, accessed candidate?; and when we are talking about the time frame, getting the right candidate at the right time, so again we are talking about the notice period, the candidate available in the market. And then next is right place-the right place is the candidate where he is willing to relocate to the location where he is not working. So, all these are getting the right candidate, right place, and right time, so I am trying to analyze all these data to how I can fulfill the requirement on timely basis.

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How does big data help?

Big data really helps analyze the data of available resources in the market to fulfill your single requirement. So, there is a huge future adding big data into recruitment doing lot of analysis. I foresee lots of things will move into SAAS based model basically analyzing data getting the right candidate pitching in and doing a lot of head hunting through this kind of right data. Also, I can foresee huge future for recruitment through analysis.

Do HR’s help in company branding?

They are the brand ambassador of the organization, so wherever they go or doing is the branding for the organization.

Your thoughts on Social Media Hiring:

There is an internal communication; there is a value chain that we talk about, every individual is connected with some or the other group with their socially network resources basically, and those are the resources, we are trying to track basically. So, when we are talking to an individual, there is a huge potential of turning around the organization. If you are a satisfied employee, you can definitely recommend too satisfied friend of yours and that’s how you can build on the recruitment part.

What qualities do you look for in a candidate before hiring?

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Attitude and the knowledge are the two parameters and definitely there are other things also which come along with this.

How to pitch candidates before hiring them?

Rather, when we talk about talent acquisition or the recruiters, who are talking to the grass root level candidate trying to fetch a lot of data or talking to them, if they are not pitching them in the right direction or not talking about the organization, or not talking about the kind of role, the kind of things which are happening in the organization; if they are not able to connect with those candidates in the right way, then definitely it will be difficult. We do not want to show heaven when the hell is there. We want to pitch in the right direction; what will be the probable things. My boss always used to say, I may like Aishwarya Rai but again she should also like me, so how can I preach that gap that is more important.

Which are the major sectors that you look after?

Rather talking about the various sectors, my forte lies into IT and I personally foresee there is lot of potential into IT and there will be lot of growth in hiring in all the IT companies.

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 About Nilesh N Indulkar:

Nilesh N Indulkar heads HR & Placement services at iClarity IT Services (Mumbai) and has over 10 years of experience out in Human Resources with intense business acumen & knowledge in various HR disciplines. Responsible for placements and recruitment (domestic & international), he also has a strong network in the IT industry and in HR fraternity.


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