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For more than 7 years, Mr. Ravi Kumar has been contributing in the human resource segment of Roche Diagnostic India Pvt. Ltd. Now, designated as Head, Human Resources, he talks with CareerBuilder India about his views on traditional HR, social recruiting, and lot more. Here it goes:

What are your thoughts on traditional HR?
Traditional HR has had a cost-centric philosophy. The global slowdown over the last few years has driven all organizations to review the cost structures, making this position even more difficult. However, some HR teams have been able to drive a fine balance between being people centric and cost centric. This is very much possible in the current environment, if the focus is right and the resources are used effectively. Using data analytics, correct decision on investments as well as ROI can be taken. HR Managers have to now think like business or project managers at every opportunity for investments.

Gen Y! What does this word mean to you?
I am an enthusiastic supporter of Gen Y, the newest & youngest group of employees with very innovative ideas. What I am noticing is that the most corporate structures are out of sync with ambitions of Gen Y.
Suggestions to companies pertaining to Gen Y:
Companies need to rethink the way their employees work, making major changes to accommodate the unique work desires of Gen Y. What’s in it for companies? Well, they will have increased employee performance, reduced turnover & have happier, more engaged Gen Y employees.

Social Media – its effects on Communication:
Social media has already changed the way we communicate, and it certainly changes the way people search & find jobs. As an organization, in tunes with the times, we wish to make full use of the possibilities that social media gives us. It is not just only great for recruitment; in fact, social media is another way to find new candidates and to create a strong employer brand of the organization.
How different are the marketing and HR?
Marketing and human resources aren’t that different like they sound. A company not only needs to attract customers, but also talk talent, this is where the HR people put on their marketing caps and turn marketers.
How important online presence is?
Since online hiring in India, is increasing at the dynamic rate, active presence on social media is now very essential for all organizations. Candidates should have a strong social presence and an updated social profile to get noticed.
HRs use social media to search talents?
Off late, social media usage by the HR people is very much on the rise, and bullion searches increase the specificity with which the recruiters are now able to attract candidates. Talent acquisition now targets people like a marketing firm would, identify specific micro segments of either job seekers or job holders, whom they want to bring to their organizations. Infact marketing strategies should not be confined with the recruiting functions in HR domain. It’s about time, all people in HR picked up some important marketing skills

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