Candidate-Sourcing Platform

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There is no denying fact that today, organizations experience an evolving HR technology landscape that has created a shift to renewed growth in the recruitment industry. As the world of business evolves, the organizations need to rethink and adapt its mission and HR operations.

The HR department of every enterprise is charged with winning the war for talent – but as the business, it also faces the complex, dynamic environment. For instance, a growing need for the knowledgeable workforce, specialized skills and social, mobile and other technologies are now empowering new processes and greater collaboration.

Sourcing Talent – 5 HR trends to watch out in 2016

1. Customized HR Solutions. Treat employees individually with customized talent management & HR solutions.

2. Bridging the skill gaps. HR leaders need to swiftly access skills on demand, when and where are needed.

3. The upsurge in Extended Workforce. The mission and mandate for the HR are to maximize the extended workforce’s strategic value.

4. Science of Human Behaviour. New scientific analytics and insights provide recruiters with new tools to drive workforce performance.

5. Deliver Seamless Employee Experience. HR functions need to evolve to deliver cross-functional, holistic employee experience.

Candidate-Sourcing Platform

HR Technology – Empowering tomorrow’s HR Organization

Restructuring the Human Resource for future will require amendment on several aspects. However, a key factor across the board will be Technology, which is opening up new possibilities for businesses and HR.

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At the same time, new opportunities are seen on the horizon with technology for supporting the workforce. Employees today are adapted to using mobile, web self-service and social technologies in much of their lives, and HR leaders can leverage that familiarity to reach them in a more far-reaching – anytime and anywhere fashion.

Key Questions to Ask – If thinking how your organizations need to change?

  1. How efficiently do we reinforce day-to-day talent decisions that facilitate business strategy?
  2. How well we are using the technology to flourish in the era of Digital HR?
  3. Are we able to assist the business with actionable insights that drive competitiveness?

To find the intelligent answers of questions mentioned above, the HR leaders need to think about these five “Technology Essentials”.

–    Leverage the advanced recruiting tools

–    Take an assimilated approach to talent management

–    Extend talent and HR management out to the workforce

–    For agility and efficiency benefit from Cloud

–    Use analytics to power Human Capital decision-making

Stay ahead of curve with Talentstream Sourcing Platform (TSP)

The Talentstream Sourcing Platform empowers recruiters of today to spend less time searching and more time hiring qualified applicants. As compared to other candidate sourcing platforms, TSP is equipped with some robust features including:

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–    Resume Search

–    Skills Extraction

–    Internal Resume Database (ATS + Career Site)

–    Social Sharing

–    Job Distribution

–    Seamless Integration

The TSP is developed in such a manner that it return candidates from your existing sources first, which in turn reduces sourcing budget substantially. Furthermore, recruiters can leverage this tool for easy job posting on multiple job boards and social channels in just a few clicks.

It is imperative that HR department must have a solid grasp of the limitations and possibilities of technology, and be active contributors in searching for better opportunities to leverage it.

This day and age, HR needs to keep the seat at the table where it has value to add and has insights that help the business. – Technology benefits the Human Resource to provide those insights.

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