Seismic Shift in HR Technology

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We have entered a Modern World of Work, the world which will radically change the way we manage. In 2015, enterprises used social tools for recruitment, development and engagement practices. Now, in the year 2016, we will see organizations bring even more transfiguration to Human Resource, which we call “Consumerization of HR.” This is much more than just using the basic analytics and social tools for candidate sourcing, recruiting, development and retention.

More and more organizations have decided to radically re-plan their talent sourcing and performance appraisal process. Companies worldwide are questioning their talent acquisition process, candidate management strategies and existing HR technology.

 Seismic Shift in HR Technology

Last year, we witnessed some significant changes in the Human Resource world whether it is in recruitment technology, Human Capital Management or organization shuffles of top HR Leaders.

This blog on Consumerization of Recruitment Industry – picks up these issues and bring you a quick yet comprehensive disclosure on Human Resource Industry. Let’s began with top HR technology inclinations followed by Human Resource trend reports 2015-16 and News Alert on CHROs (chief human resources officer).

I. HR technology

A. What is in Store for HRs in 2016?

2016 will experience an enhanced inclination towards automation and HR technology will continue to intensify their power in the market. However, the supremacy of HR technology will also result in several conversations over performance management, streamlining and automating of HR processes, recruiting/retention and making better use of HR data.

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B. Raising Investors’ Interest in Indian HR Tech Start-ups

To increase the yield and improve the process, HR companies have started focusing and investing more over different HR solutions. Today, organizations are thriving for solutions to ease up their various recruiting modules including strategies, workflow, talent management along other activities. Accelerated market prospects and Human Resources Functions have created a demand for HR technology, which on the other hand, has created a growing environment for several Indian startups.

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C. Japanese Firm Invested INR 48 crore in a Bangalore Based Recruitment Platform ‘HackerRank.’

Cofounded by Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran Karunanidhi, HackerRank is a Bangalore-based recruitment platform used by programmers to hone their coding skills and recruit tech talent. Due to its unique concept and recruitment methods, the firm recently grabbed $7.5millio strategic investment from Japanese company “Recruit Holdings”.

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II. Human Resource trend reports 2015-16

As a talent acquisition leader, you must be the trusted advisor to the business. One efficient way to do that is by learning and comprehending the latest HR trends. Let’s take a quick sneak peek to top 3 HR trend reports of 2015-16.

A. Global Recruiting Trends 2016 by LinkedIn

The fifth annual report published by LinkedIn will reveal worldwide recruiting trends that will push your business forward, and assist in positioning you as a strategic business partner.
Learn the top priorities of recruitment leaders, upcoming challenges and opportunities ahead in the year 2016 and beyond. CLICK HERE to read the full report.

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B. 2016 HR Tech Fest Research Report by Eventful Group

The influence and use of technology in HR function has seen an escalation as HR leaders are becoming a prized possession of senior strategic leadership.
Recently, Eventful Group ran a Human resource technology trend research to understand two things:

1. How companies use HR technology
2. How HR technologies affect organizational performance

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C. Global Human Capital Trends 2015 by Deloitte

Deloitte brings you a comprehensive and one of the largest longitudinal studies of leadership, talent, and HR challenges around the world. This report involves interviews and surveys with more than 3000 business and HR leaders from 106 countries.

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III. HR Leaders Moving Forward

HR News Alert! In the year 2016, we will not only witness the dramatic shift in HR tech and human capital management strategies but also see the organization shuffle as top HR leaders from biggest organizations will be seen moving out of their current organizations and joining other firms. Here is an update on Top CHROs who recently switched their companies.

A. Dinesh R joins OYO Rooms as Chief Human Resources Officer

OYO Rooms – one of the largest room aggregator, has appointed its chief human resources officer, Dinesh R, who was leading compensation and benefits in the APAC region for The Coca-Cola Company. CLICK HERE to read more.

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B. Vikram Bector joins Cipla as Head Corporate HR & Chief Talent Officer

Vikram Bector, previously working with Reliance Industries, is now head corporate HR and chief talent officer at Cipla Pharmaceuticals. CLICK HERE to read more.

C. Group M appoints Rohit Suri as Chief Talent Officer

The largest media agency in the Indian subcontinent, WPP–owned Group M designates Rohit Suri as chief talent officer for South Asia replacing Gaurav Hirey after his joining at another WPP company, Millward Brown. CLICK HERE to read more.

D. Alind Sharma is now Head-HR at Pfizer

Alind Sharma has joined Pfizer as senior director, human resources, previously working with Monsanto as director-HR for more than three years. CLICK HERE to read more.

Eventually, what is becoming apparent is that HR is a team sport that is now armed with the latest technology and sharp minded HR leaders. Such advancements pushing the CHROs beyond Human Resource to deliver a differentiated workplace.

A strong alliance is emerging between HR leaders and technology to create memorable and engaging employee experience.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog.

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