HR Technology

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It is perhaps the most ambitious thing to have happened to the human resources of present times. An automated and easy-to-use human resource management system has already become the new standard for the global HR landscape.

Digital disruption and tech trends have been dominating the way human resources functions. The foraying in of applicant tracking systems have long transformed the way recruiting and hiring is done these days.

For example, manual registers and admin work have paved the way for automatic time tracking systems. Thereby, manual tracking outdated. While HR technology in India is almost nearing a decade, its demand is growing year after year.

Some of the reasons why HR technology is growing in leaps and bounds are explained below.

HR Technology

#1. Old is not gold

The typical legacy of the traditional human resources management systems has begun to fade away. And now with the new breed of employees, comprising millennials, human resources professionals are also looking for solutions that are unique, agile and up-to-date. This need keeps the hunt for a robust, web-based cloud HRMS solution.

#2. Cloud is fast catching up

Accessibility to the cloud has become much easier these days. Almost everything is on the cloud today’ – right from social media posts to mobile chats, and even HRMS solutions are no exception. The presence of on-cloud feature enables online HRMS solutions a lot simpler, scalable and less annoying for human resources personnel. Most importantly, a cloud-based payroll solution offers a centralized repository for all payroll and HR operations.

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#3. Simple is the new bold HR

For optimum employee engagement and interactions, it is imperative for the HRs to update the HRMS interface on a frequent basis. Smart dashboards, engaging graphs, and insights are some of the key elements of an online HRMS solution to help keep the employees engaged. It is the reason; there is a huge emphasis on the usability and interface of a current generation HR systems be it a resume parser or payroll software.

#4. Tech-driven – mobile, tab and much more!

With the world getting much closer, thanks to the boom of gizmos and gadgets, what do organization do when nearly 50% of your workforce keeps travelling? Go mobile! Leverage the power of mobile recruiting and embrace the concept of anywhere and anytime job search as well as candidate search. The freedom that comes with web-based systems is one of the main reasons behind higher HRMS adoption and usage among employees.

5. Smart and quick HR analytics

Compiling and creating reports have always been painful for the HR departments. On the other hand, the implementation of HRMS tool makes their life much easier by generating custom reports for everything – right from hire to retire. Be it employee engagement, employee retention, organizational data or department level analytics; HR managers are now empowered to create quick reports for complex operations like talent management, performance, payroll, compliance, reimbursements and much more.

So, to all the HR professionals out there, stop thinking and, go and take a bite of the apple pie!

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