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CareerBuilder India talks to Shailza Sharma – Assistant Director, HR of Shangri-La Hotels, New Delhi about the marketing skills of the recruiter in the interview. All the candidates or job seekers, will get a great idea about what recruiters have in mind when hiring. She also addresses other factors like handling the Gen Y candidates, role of social media in recruitment, managing the talent pool for the company and certain finer aspects of Hospitality industry.

Sharing her views on the importance of Marketing Skills for recruiter, Shailza Sharma says, “When it comes to recruitment, it is not that we should sell jobs here. In terms of marketing skills, I would say that we must have convincing skills, which is very very important, because if there is one job that you have and may be 10 or 20 candidates applying for the same position, then you must know what you want to get.”

She further continued talking about the importance to analyze the gap between the wants & preferences of the candidates & the company. She said: “You must analyze what candidates you want, you must reach the potential of the candidate, because in the first interview it is very very difficult that you will be able to judge all the attributes, but I believe yes, if you can actually analyze what they are looking at and what you are looking, the gap analysis should be very less, so that later on when you hire them and with little training and with lot of potential that they have, they can be hired & then they can just take the job on.” “So I would say rather than the marketing skills, it is the convincing skills of the HR person which is more important,” she added.

The Gen Y candidates have a lot of unexplored potential, which if explored can do wonders for both the candidate as well the company. However, to handle the Gen Y candidates, one needs different approach because of their mind-set & preferences.

Regarding how smarty one can handle the Gen Y candidates, Ms. Sharma said, “See, it is extremely difficult to handle Gen Y, because what they want is with less experience, they want a lot of money. They want growth every six months, they want to be promoted. It is very very difficult to handle them. I would say to reduce attrition in Gen Y, you must take extreme good care of them, in terms of not even money, the benefits for network, with other motivation tactics, whatever you may think of, and I’m sure if you keep them happy, they will not go.”

Not just this, she even shared her views on the role of social media in Recruitment in today’s world. Talking about Shangri-La social presence, she said, “We are on LinkedIn and in fact Shangri-La has a global tieup with LinkedIn, and for quite a lot of senior positions, we are considering LinkedIn to be the best social site for getting the passive candidates which is quite liked by us as well. At times it gets difficult because the job seeker may be is not interested, because most of the passive seekers you find on LinkedIn.”

However, she even talked about the importance of Facebook as social networking. She commented, “If we talk about hospitality, then any level candidate you want- may be it is a chef,kitchen steward or may be a kitchen stewarding manager or may by various candidates starting from the highest to lower level, I believe they would be on Facebook, and I believe they would be on Facebook, and Facebook is a channel which everybody loves to be at all the time because we are using smart phones theses days, so I believe that Facebook is better than Linkedin in terms of recruiting for any level. Yes, we were associated with LinkedIn for quite long, but then we have just started with Facebook on a career page for Shangri-La New Delhi, and we have started posting jobs as well. “

Being Assistant Director of HR, Ms. Sharma has also shared first hand experience with managing the pool of resources & talent for the company. “See from my experience, it’s just that I am already being associated with Shangri-La for more than 5 years. I can just say that with hospitality things work very differently. There are lots of job seekers & candidates which drop their resumes at the entry gate, we receive minimum 50-60 calls in a day from the job seekers as well. Apart from this, there are internal data base that we maintain, we get a lot of reference resumes as well, then we have our ‘Naukri’ portal, we have Linkedin, Facebook, so it is quite a lot of data that we have to maintain but yes it get difficult we do not have any proper system as of now, but then yes we save them in accurate manner, we make different folders, and we keep data very wisely that whenever we require candidates, it is very easy for us to gather that data and reach to the right candidate at the right time.”

It wouldn’t be fair if Shailza hadn’t discussed about the finer aspects of Hospitality industry. Sharing her experience with us, she said, “As I said my past experience is now almost more than 11 years, and with Shangri-La Hotels its been more than 5 years, which is the longest and I believe it’s a fascinating industry, you must have passion to work in this industry. If I talk about career growth, I also started as Human Resources Manager here and got promoted within a year and currently I am working as Assistant Director of HR, so I quite feel proud about that. And then about hospitality industry I can not describe it in words, but when you join, then only you’ll get to know what passion it involves. May be you get less amount of money, may be you get more service charges, or get more incentives, more tips but if you have the passion of meeting different people & socializing then you are there.”

About Shailza Sharma:

Shailza Sharma represents Shangri-La Hotels New Delhi, and is associated with it for more than 5 years, & carry almost around 12 years of experience in HR domain. She is happy to be a part of Shangri-La Hotels and proudly says that it’s a brilliant company to work for which gives you a lot of career opportunities and immense talent growth options.  

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