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Employee loyalty starts with employer loyalty. Employees must know that if they do the job they were appointed to do with competence and efficiency, the company will support them. Harvey Mackay

Employee engagement is the central focus of every HR department that assists them to fetch, retain and maintain diverse talents to ensure the success of the entire organization. According to various surveys & research, maximum employees begin feeling uninspired after working for the same company for over 2 years and start to quench their hunt for a better job. On the contrary, if employees are given an engaging workplace, they can certainly turn out to be more committed to their organization.

With a wide array of ideas and strategies to engage and motivate employees, employers can advance opportunities to their potential employees and company as a whole, to grow.

Here are the top 5 employee engagement strategies that HR professionals can implement to engage, motivate and retain their employees for years to come:


  1. Healthier Meal Options

Sounds scarce but a smart way to engage employees is to offer them healthier meal options. According to researches, 90% of employees like to work in offices, which have healthy & hygienic cafeteria or vending machines offering multiple options for thirst quenchers and munchers. This creates a great opportunity for employers to boost their employees deliver enhanced productivity, performance, while alleviating the healthcare cost significantly.

  1. Recognition On Personal Victories

If an employee in a particular team hits his or her daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly target, make it seem like a victory for the entire organization by announcing, making an applause, or celebrating. This employee motivation strategy does not require any monetary efforts but can go a long way in bringing out the best of employees’ productivity and compel them to work for a longer time, while discovering their innate skills and talents.

  1. Keep Work-Life Balance

One of the most imperative strategies employers must devise is to ensure that their employees are happy, healthy and satisfied at their workplace. Providing benefits such as ‘work from home’, ‘health sessions’, ‘social engagement programs’, ‘games’ and ‘flexible work hours’ can work as a stress-buster and self-motivator tool for maximum employees, after which they will be able to achieve both professional and personal happiness.

  1. Encourage Knowledge Sharing Programs

After spending a certain amount of period in an organization, employees often end up being confined within their own set of projects. Owing to this reason, new ideas, knowledge and thoughts tend to take a back seat. To transform a mind-numbing job, the best strategy, which HR professionals and employers can devise is to bring forth knowledge sharing meetings. By providing an open sharing platform, where in employees can exchange new concepts and their knowledge, employers can certainly expect to see highly engaged, motivated and long-term employees. Keeping themes for each session can bring more excitement to the knowledge sharing sessions and that is how creativity will evolve and take the lead in each employee.

  1. ‘Thank You’- Reward Employees with the Powerful Word

Often found in the quotes of the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the highest form of expressing appreciation is not through the words, but to live by them. The word, ‘Thank you’ can have a significantly positive impact, which goes a long way towards employee motivation in some or the other way. When an employee gets an urgent or important task done within or before stipulated time, a ‘thank you’ note will suffice to boost his or her morale to work even better and deliver excellent output in the company.

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Lack of motivation, unhealthy work environment and boring work can all leave employees demotivated and low-spirited. The more employees are motivated, the better is their work performance and chances of staying in the organization.

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