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Today, the role of Human Resource (HR) is more than just recruiting talent and employee management for any organization. HR department has become a significant unit of the business where it takes part in many crucial decisions. In the recent years, companies have become extremely optimistic about HR professionals to not only bring the best talent onboard but also strategize on employer branding, people management, employee retention, employee training and development, crisis management and much more.

Organizations operating globally cannot do without an HR unit in place and its supervision and key business strategies. Even, small-scale businesses have started prioritizing HR as one of the success elements. Therefore, HR professionals have greater responsibilities these days. HR with multi-skills are highly in demand.

HR professionals who keep adding on to their skills are better able to secure their positions in the ever-transforming corporate sector. Learning new skills would help you survive and better cope with the modern day HR challenges.

Breakfast Platter Analogy

An analogy would help you understand why regular skill add-ons is a professional requirement today. There are 5 breakfast outlets somewhere within 100 meters radius, which serves the similar kind of breakfast platter having two-pieces of toasts and a two-egg omelet with a coffee (three items). One of the outlets decides to improve its sales and adds one piece of sausage to the platter at the same price. Apparently, the sale of that store will increase if it sells a more filling breakfast at the same pricing. Further, at a nominal price increase, the same outlet adds a hash-brown to its breakfast platter. People would love to visit this store more often, and the breakfast demand would also increase. In fact, people would always give preference to this breakfast outlet.

HR professionals in today’s ever-transforming competitive era are like the same breakfast platter, the more items (skills) you add to your platter (profession), the more filing (competitive) it would be! More companies would wish to hire you considering your skills. Improving and then adding more skills to your HR profession helps you to achieve your career goals and succeed. On the other hand, your company considers you a valuable asset to the business. The company values your presence and appreciate your efforts in various forms of rewards, recognition, and increments.

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SHRM Certification

Every profession requires competencies to be added on a regular basis, which makes the professionals successful. It is up to you either grow or become stagnant! For skill add-ons in the HR segment, professionals can opt for various online HR skill-training programs run by different organizations, one of them is ‘Society for Human Resource Management’ (SHRM) offering various HR certifications which align with various HR skills requirements in companies.

SHRM certification program is the world’s first aptitude based certification for those who have entered the HR zone recently and for senior HR specialists as well. SHRM provides the certification programs, which are thoroughly authenticated competency standard. The courses require from you some necessary knowledge and behavior to succeed in human resources management.

Assessment Categories

The courses are focused on both learning and behavior. The assessments are based on the following parameters:

1) The first part of the test relies on evaluating knowledge through a written exam. It checks the ability of examinee how he/she addresses difficult situations arising in the company.

2) The second part of the test assesses the capability of examinee how he/she acts in his/her routine work.

On the other hand, there are HR recertification programs, which ensure your continuous development and learning. The recertification courses ensure that HR professionals consistently engage in knowledge-based activities and practice them competently. Moreover, the recertification courses allow gaining proficiency in core skills.

SHRM certification is just one example. You can find more options available at your service. Upgrade your skills, explore what you have not exposed to in the HR zone, and recertify your competencies to better deal with the organizational requirements!

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