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The world of social media is evolving with each passing day and, recruiters and employers across the globe are leveraging the power of the same. Whether it is about employer branding ideas or searching job candidates – social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook plays an essential role.

On the other hand, job search via social media has increased rapidly, and recruitment industry experts opine that sometimes even a strong or the appropriate tweet can land up to a job for the deserving candidate.

While the above-mentioned social channels are perhaps the most common platforms for recruiters and job candidates, another major social channel happens to be Google Plus or G+.

G+, the social media platform launched by Google has gone on to become pretty famous all over the world and today happens to be a leading social media channel. Sources suggest that Google Plus has roughly 111 million active users worldwide on a monthly basis.

Tips to Use Google Plus for Searching a Job

If you are a job seeker, you can consider networking on G+ as well to attract major employers to your profile. There are several ways by which you can leverage the power of Google Plus for job search. Some of the ways are explained below:

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#1. Start active networking

The first step towards job search via Google Plus is to be active on the channel. Start posting and sharing content on a regular basis and gradually you will notice that the number of followers has increased.

#2. Use the circles to connect with people

Google Plus has this feature named circles that help you coordinate and network with a host of users. Needless to say, some of them would be recruiters. The more active you are in the circles; more are the chances of getting to know professionals from various fields.

#3. Make use of the Hangout feature

The hangout feature is also an excellent way to strike up a good conversation with prospective recruiters and employers. While engaged in the activity of job search, you can use this feature to create job search clubs. Make a little effort to understand the basic rules and regulations of using hangout and connect directly with recruiters.

#4. Engage actively

The most certain way of leveraging the Google Plus for searching a job, is to engage in the social channel as actively as possible. The best way to do is, make out some time in the day and spent those minutes, networking substantially. Recruiters or employers can often approach you for an online interview. So, be prepared as much as possible.

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#5. Build your personal branding

Developing and maintaining a personal branding on social media is a significant aspect of today’s job search. Make sure, that, as a job candidate you succeed in doing so. Needless to say, you can always make good use of Google Plus for promoting your personal branding. Share relevant content, interact with professionals from a required field on a regular basis. Gradually, this will lead to the development of your personal branding. And once you have succeeded in building a strong personal brand, then job searching via Google Plus will become much easier.

G+ promises to be a good social channel that can be used for not only job search but also, for recruiting job candidates. However, as advice to job seekers, try to be active on Google Plus as well, because you never know, what opportunity awaits you !


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