How To Prove You Are A Great Fit For The Company

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To prove why you are the right fit for the company is a challenge today, which most of the interviewers would want you to face. Interviewers love the interview question where they ask candidates about how they are fit for the company and why should they be hired. So, you ought to be prepared for answering this in a way no one else would answer, and here in this blog I will explain how to do that.

How To Prove You Are A Great Fit For The Company
How to Prove You Are the Perfect Fit For The Company?

Before I tell you how to prove yourself as the right fit, you need to ensure that even the organization is ideal for you, as only then you could move towards a better decision for yourself. To figure this out, look at company’s values & goals (not the ones listed on career page, but the actual ones) and also its perks and benefits.

How to identify and explain you are the right fit for the role?

  • Desire to Learn Attitude

The desire to keep learning and improving skills is about professional development. Check out the perks and benefits offered by the company or if it offers any form of professional development opportunity to its employees. It can be in the form of tuition reimbursement, tech talks, conference tickets, mentorship programs, or something similar. With such opportunities, it is apparent that company is willing to invest in you and cares about your growth.

How to take up this point during the interview?

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You need to highlight your curiosity towards learning new skills and how you want to be a valuable resource for your team. You can back up your statement with professional courses or conferences you have attended in the past

  • Be a better boss or work under a great boss

Several companies offer leadership training programs to leaders and managers. Whether you are applying for a leadership position or not, this policy helps each and every employee of the company. On one hand it makes bosses a good leader and on the other it gives a team a great leader to lead them. This even indicates high probability that the company has ideal work environment with teams having healthy relationships.

How to take up this point during interview?

Talk about your teamwork skills and strong communication skills. Companies who pay special attention to leadership training programs love leadership spark in every employee.

  • Your productivity with work life balance

There are companies which are paying for vacations of their employees. Giving an all expense paid trip to the employees simply put across how much a company values work life balance. The leaders, managers or organization clearly understand that taking time off from work increases employees productivity simply promises a happy work life with the company.

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How to take up this point during interview?

Just tell the interviewer about how you sharpen your productivity skills while taking lunch breaks, by daily workout, or by doing other activities that show you make best of available perks and know how to balance work & life.

Likewise, just go through several perks and benefits that the company, you are going to interview for, offers, and identify how it would help you in your career. By getting through the insight of the company culture, you cannot just find why the workplace would be best fit for you but also how you can show off that fit to your interviewer.

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