How many of you let go of an opportunity that can land you your dream job, only because the opportunity is placed overseas or in some other city? It happens innumerable times that you leave the very thought taking up a well-paying job, even before you have given the interview, because it will require you to travel far, without the surety of getting the job. Thanks to the intelligence of technology, recruitment is now neither time bound nor space bound.

However, there is an altogether different set of etiquette when it comes to preparing for a video interview:

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  1. Space and Equipment: Just like a telephonic interview, a video job interview will also require a space and the requisite equipment. You can use a room in your home, where there is least disturbance. A Skype Connection, which is voice-over IP software and a webcam is what you will require. A microphone that ensures good sound equality, obliterates the need for a separate mike.
  2. Test Interviews: No matter how sure you are about yourself, with video interviews, it is better to keep your over confidence on the back-burner. Rehearse like this is the first time that you are giving an interview. Practice talking to anyone who is willing to help you with your video-conferencing skills. It is a fact that most of the people who otherwise appear to be confident, become nervous while talking to someone via a webcam. Half-an-hour of practice, for three days, before your video interview can be of a great help.
  3. Appearance: You don’t have to look like a celeb just because it is a VIDEO interview. However, you shouldn’t also have look like someone who has taken a vacation from bathing. The unkempt, lazy look is a complete NO NO for video interviews, even if you are giving one from the comforts of your own home. You should dress for a video interview just like you would dress-up for a face-to-face interview. However, not just your appearance, but the appearance of the space from where you are giving the interview, matters as well. The room should have a minimalistic look. Keep the lighting natural.
  4. While Giving the Interview: Coming to the most important part, while being interviewed via a videoconference, the body language and eye-contact, are vital selection criteria. The interviewers are looking forward to you breaking the ice. So, a simple hello and a nice smile does the trick most of the times. Be natural and keep calm. Remember, you knowledge is your best tool. Remember to thank the board of interviewers before the process comes to an end.
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Video interviews have been there since quite a while, and no one finds it surprising now if they get a call to give a video interview. Whether you are looking for a job in the Technology domain or in the Marketing arena, chances are high that for an overseas job that you are eyeing, your interview will be taken via video conferencing.


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