11 tthings you can do to motivate

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We all go through tough times at work. The idea of facing another workday make you anxious. Things have not gone well for a while, and you do not have a clue to make them better. Switching job is not an option. Therefore your only viable choice is to smile and bear it.

How to motivate yourself at work?

11 tthings you can do to motivate
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1. Leave work at workplace

Negative work situation tends to influence another aspect of your life. When you leave the office, try to avoid complaining and gossiping about it. It is a tough thing to do, but it is essential.

2. Make Friends, not Enemies

It is always important to find a new connect with your colleagues and build a friendship. Do not let the disappointment stop you from acting professionally or working strategically to accomplish a greater good.

3. Keep up the good work

Lower productivity and increased absenteeism or shirking your responsibilities will only make the situation worse. Do the best work you can do. Think clearly about the root causes of the issue and if a simple talk can clarify the things then do it.

4. Check your attitude

It is important to keep a clarity on the matter especially when things are not pleasant. “What we think is what we become” – remember this and keep a check on your attitude. Sometimes we tend to colour our perception that makes a negative situation more adverse.

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5. Seek opportunities

Most of the time we think what we can do for the job. However, it should be otherwise – what job can do for you. Look beyond the horizon and stretch your wings to find what opportunities you can take on and learn new skills.

6. Uncover Positivity

It is foolish to think that you can turn around every bad situation. Take a step forward and peel the layers no matter how hard it is for you and uncover the positivity. At best you can surround yourself with people who support you.

7. Stop avoiding it

Evading problems that bother you will sink you deeper and your job may suffer as a result. Confronting the problem not only allow you to make the most of your current situation but will also dissolve your frustration.

8. Take Control

Remember you cannot control every situation. However, you can control how you respond. Avoiding an awkward conversation makes the negative situation worse.

9. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude pays in the long run. Take benefit of the things you are grateful for while you contemplate what is next. It is one of the easiest ways to boost your happiness.

10. Stand up for yourself

Often bad situation arises when your boss or co-workers treat you unfairly. It is important to say “No” to ethically unfair talks or task or behavior. However, you can do this assuredly and respectfully.

11. Cast-off Boredom

At times the same kind of job surrounded by same people creates a monotony that may lead to depressing work situations. You can avoid this by setting up some sort of motivational tools for yourself. It could be anything like, writing a journal or creating a short video. Do anything that encourages you to grow in your position.

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