How to Answer tricky Questions of Recruiters

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Do you have any questions” ask several interviewers / recruiters, while they move towards the end of the interview. A decade ago, hardly there was any candidate who used to ask questions, but now time has changed. Gen Y comes up with list of questions to find if the company is ideal for them or not. If you don’t answer them or if they don’t find your answer satisfactory they might reject your company even before you reject them. Be it for bringing great talent onboard or for an ultimate employer branding, you need to be prepared with certain questions and answer them.

How to Answer tricky Questions of Recruiters
CareerBuilder_Tricky Questions by Recruiters

Here are few questions and tricks how you should answer them:

Q: How do you serve your customers?

By this question, candidates wish to understand how company works, and what his responsibilities would be. By getting through the process, it becomes easy for the candidate to identify whether he would be the ideal fit in the role or not.

Q: Who is an ideal customer of your company?

Understanding the right target audience is also one of the crucial aspects for candidates today. They have their career goals, and have passion to serve a typical set of customers.

Q: What are you looking for in your hire?

Like you would want to know why the candidate wants to work with your company, candidates today also want to know what skills or specifications are you looking for in the new hires. This again would help them in identifying whether they would are capable of meeting company’s expectations or not.

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Q: Why should someone leave his current job and join this company?

Every employee spends more than3/4th of his week with the company and the people in it. By having an idea about what his day at work would be or what at work would keep him content, he decides whether this company is the right fit for him or know. Companies who have an ideal team also record less attrition and high productivity.

Q: Can you name few things that current employees of this company value the most?

This is again a decision making question like the previous one. Candidates are curious to know about their new companies. Answer there queries because no one else can answer them as best as you.

Q: Which kind of employee is not ideal for your company?

This question helps in 2 ways. One, they get to know who not would be in their team and then they would be able to survive in it or not. Second, they would no which behavior or attitude the company would not bear and they should accordingly behave while working in a team.

Q: What initiatives do you take to advance career/skills of current employees?

Career growth and development is one important aspect for individuals today. They look forward to advance their career and grow with multiplying rate. For the same, if company provides any training, seminar or any other sessions to advance their skills, then it becomes an added advantage to bring candidates onboard and even retain them.

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How to be prepared for such questions?

To make sure that the candidate gets impressed with your answer, you need to get some stats handy. If your company is active on social media, extract few instances, which you can then show them to support your answers. If you have other facts and stats to back your answer, then that would be an added advantage.

Expert’s Tip: Be specific, be honest, and make sure your answer is compelling.

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