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The ability to conquer over multiple emotions and maintaining composure under the most pressing work conditions can have a direct impact over your managerial success. Getting the ‘manager’ designation may not be tough for you, what can actually take a toll over your ability to succeed as a manager is lack of poise and mental balance in times of difficult circumstances.

work management tips

According to scientific studies, the brain is wired in such a way that it cannot really take an action unless there is a certain level of emotional state. When the mind is stressed, it decreases cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’ making the left hemisphere of the brain being more provoked for being stressed. Anger, a symptom of stress is harmless if it is controlled at the right time. In the managerial scenario, changing management roles, expectations, increased competition, work pressure, multiple tasks, leaders often make managers become cold on their subordinates. The end result is low productivity and decreased personal growth.

A Survey report by a top-notch technology firm says that 90% of top performing employees are successful managers only owing to their ability of not losing their poise, positive and self-controlled attitude in challenging circumstances.

There are managers who lack the ability to stay calm in difficult situations even though they have excellent credentials. Such individuals create stressful situations for themselves by losing their poise even if the actual situation is not challenging enough.However, the 21st century managers cannot expect success if they lack composure and a patient attitude. Decoded are the ways following which managers can maintain composure in extremely pressure-packed situations:

Do Not Get Blown Away in Emotions

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Often managers who are most stressed in difficult situations are the ones who carry their hearts on their sleeves. Challenging situations tend to make them feel agitated even more than the people working under them. Such emotionally-challenged managers/leaders lose self-control within flips of seconds and yell at their subordinates creating an overall negative environment in the organization, which in turn hampers their own growth as well.

On the contrary, strong-willed managers keep their calm and do not let their emotions become a source of distraction for people working under thereby holding on to the ladder of personal and professional success.

Differentiate yourself by Reframing your Perspective

Anxiety and anger are both fueled by self-perception of situations. Managers when faced with slightly tough situations often come up with statements such as, “Nothing is going right” or “Everything is bad” or “ It cannot work out”. At this juncture, a smart and balanced manager will rephrase his perspective of looking at events and will control the situation. While, an unproductive thought process would make the individual see the negative things around. Restructuring of thoughts can make managers realize that there are only few things which bother much, rest are not worth taking the stress at all.

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Throw Away the ‘What if?’

Statements such as ‘What if it did not work out?’ or ‘What is if we could not make it on time?” or “What if my reporting manager did not appreciate my work?” and so on, only add extra fuel on the existing stress. However, being calm in difficult situations can help a successful manager to take his mind in millions of different directions where there is hope and not over expectation that would result in anxiety. Do not go at a place you do not want to go by asking the ‘what if’ statements to yourself.

Many times, other managers can find a solution to a problem that you cannot because they have not invested their emotional state as much into the situation as you did. By following the world’s best leaders who have achieved success with poise at work can help you go miles in your career and make you a good manager for those who rely upon you.

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