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Social media is the new rage, in professional, as well as, in personal life of most people. Global social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. have become the perfect venues, which welcome people to make connections with each other in a more convenient way. So, like any other task that can be done via social media, job search has also extended its roots in the social domain. Now, people look for jobs via social media platforms.


Some of the most-talked about facts prove the emergence and impact of jobs via social media platforms.


According to LinkedIn.comjob-seeking report:

  • 40% of people referred their friends for a job
  • 34% of people shared a common job opportunity
  • 32% of people made new professional connections
  • 32% of people provided their feedback on a


According to Twitter’s report on job seeking candidates:

  • 29% of people exchanged a job opportunity with their contacts
  • 28% of employees expressed their views on a company
  • 28% of employees applied at a common job opportunity

On – Privacy

  • 46% of job seeking candidates made amends in their profile’s privacy settings.
  • 93% of employers tend to visit the social profile of a prospective candidate.
  • 42% of recruiters reconsidered an aspirant based on his or her personal activities being displayed on the social profile.
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The ‘Mobile’ job seeker

Maximum job-hoppers have a prospective employer being listed on their mobile device.

  • 43% of job seeking candidates use a mobile device to indulge into job-search activities
  • 27% of job seeking candidates expect to apply at a company via mobile device.
  • 37% of optimistic job seekers want career websites to be customized for mobile device.
  • 27% of ability enhances in applying for a job via a mobile device.
  • 23% career websitesare optimized as per mobile devices

Tip for Job search via Social Media

Well, every social media platform works in a unique way. However, each one comes up with some career opportunities such as networking, open jobs, facility to establish oneself as a subject matter expert and so on. Social media is no ‘rocket-science’ but you need to be vocal about your presence over it. Therefore, investing a little more effort in establishing your own presence with the network you build is the smart way to visualize the infinite job opportunities waiting for you. With latest tools available, getting your dream job remains easier and hassle-free. Make sure to keep your social media profile look professional and well-maintained to ensure you that you get updates on jobs via Social Media.

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