The trend of office-less companies is on the rise and more companies are adapting to it in order to make the most out of the cloud system. Working out of where ever anybody wants to and getting paid for it is becoming the in thing for companies who have a low budget or for companies who technological friendly. Basically it can be termed as a futuristic move. It has been spreading at a pace so fast that hiring managers nowadays need a lesson or two in hiring the talent which would work virtually for them.

The thing with hiring employees who would work employees to work virtually will have to have a entirely different skill set and the USP change dramatically in comparison to hiring people who would just work in a office. The keywords become result-oriented and trustworthy. Enlisted below are some ways in which hiring managers can extract the best of virtual talent for their companies-

Determine the Basic
The basic qualities that any hiring manager looks for in an employee, become the primary things on the agenda while hiring virtual talent. Because virtues like self-drive, hardwork, trust cannot be checked on. Hence, a person who is technologically savvy really needs to be so through and through. Being great great communicators and result-oriented professionals become something that the hiring managers should check in acquiring virtual talent the most.

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Know The Intentions
The intentions behind working from home have to be very solid and stable in order to derive the capability of the employee. Hiring managers should know that more solid the intention of staying at home, more are the chances of the employee being very committed to the work. The best of example is when the prospective employee have to strike a good work life balance and want to spend more time with kids or family. One of the reasons is also when the employee does not want to travel all that much.

Test The Skills
Hiring managers have all the authority to go ahead and test the skills of these virtually operating job candidates. The basic thing is any day being technologically –friendly and one has to test that to make sure it it there to the degree that the company wants it to be. So, there are always video interviews and tests based on making video and uploading them. Another important skill is being a communication specialist hence analyzing that part also goes unsaid.

Past Behavior Matters
To know how your prospective employees work it is best to prod them on the projects they have done. Ask them about their experience there; on which segment they stressed on, their know-how about the brand and client, what all they put in and how well were they performing with a team. Knowing all this establishes something about how the talent seems to be working or what their working mode is. More so, go the depth of the matter and find out the nitty-gritty to know the best about them.

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