Hiring Trends 2015 –Companies Eyeing Passive Talents [Infographics]

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Have you ever found yourself inactive at the professional front? In today’s competitive era for challengers it has become all the way more significant to be active in terms of job search. However, sometimes being a passive job searcher also turns out to be fortunate. The current hiring scenario reveals that companies are aggressively looking for ‘Passive Talents’ today.

Some Interesting Facts:

Basically, a passive candidate (passive talent) is engaged with an organization, but not currently looking for a new opportunity. On the other hand, an active candidate is vigorously seeking a new job opportunity. Surprisingly, India ranks 3rd in hiring non-active talents and the major sources of hiring passive talents are different social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

Globally, 61% organizations are preferring passive candidates. 44% of Indian organizations are hiring best talents from social networks, on the contrary, 38% companies in China, America, UK, etc. are sourcing talents from social networks. Facts depict that 75% passive talents are available worldwide and rest are active talents who are intentionally looking for jobs.

Why organizations are on a hiring spree for passive talent? This is because of the benefits, which recruiters receive, such as decreased HR costs, saved time, limited search to probable candidates, etc.

To get a clearer picture, the infographic powered by CareerBuilder India titled, ‘Hiring Trend 2015 – ‘Companies Eyeing Passive Talents’, highlights the facts associated with active and passive job-seekers and how the modern way to hiring has evolved for them.

Hiring Trends 2015 –Companies Eyeing Passive Talent
Hiring Trends 2015 –Companies Eyeing Passive Talent

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